Chappie Challenge Evolve Tournament


What is the CHAPPiE Challenge?
CHAPPiE is the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. That’s dangerous. With the ability to pick up any skill quickly, he’s got his sights set on Evolve – and he’s ready to crush the competition. Compete through an open bracket with friends for a chance to win $15,000, with the winning team facing CHAPPiE in a 4 on 1 show match live from Los Angeles, California.

Registration Info
Beginning on February 10, sign up with three friends and start making your way through the open bracket for the chance to participate in the final match to fight CHAPPiE on March 1, live streamed only on Twitch.

So about that tourny
Last day for me to find a great Hunting team for the $15k tourney tomorrow!
Looking for a team for 15k tourny xbox1
Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?
Need A Legitimate Team for Tournaments
So about that tourny

i need a team!


Really annoyed our friends from Europe can’t take part in this. One of my team members is from the UK :frowning:


yay me, i don´t need a team!


What do you mean? You can solo monster?


I am not from us


lol, I get it now. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well…


Wish i didnt get reset i was wanting to do this as im a pretty good medic/trapper


So the chappie challenge in tomorrow and i cant seem to fintd a good team or even ANY team for that mattter so please hmu on XB1 my gt is ( x Boozey ) we need to start warming up NOW


So I’ve been seeing a lot regarding some tournament that’s coming up, and my natural competitiveness has slowly been making me want to sign up for it. I love to participate in things like this, so I figured I’d see if I can get a team together or fill in a spot on an already existing team.

First thing I’ll say is that when it comes to tournaments or gaming records (I usually do this type of stuff in a wide variety of games), I get very competitive and take it seriously (not in the “I’m gonna rage hard if we loose” sense; more of the “I want to practice and test strategies up to the actual event” sense). If I join a team, I will want to prep as much as possible to ensure victory.

As far as how I play, I can play literally any character and any position very well. Due to the leaderboards constantly resetting my stats (although my characters have not been reset themselves) I can only give you my word that I’m a very solid player with any class (and let’s be honest here; the people claiming they are number 1-15 with any class with 275 total games played without a single loss or death simply boosted their stats to be at the top of the leaderboards).

If you are interested, send a message to Shwartznwalder letting me know and we can play together to see how we do. If I don’t believe there is good synergy with the team or that the team itself lacks cohesion, I’ll politely decline to participate in the tournament, but will still play casually. Love playing with people who communicate.

Make sure you send me a message as specified in the previous paragraph. If you just post “here’s my gamertag invite me” I won’t respond. At the risk of sounding arrogant, if you don’t have the patience to read and understand this entire post, I doubt you will have the patience and determination to properly prepare.


Well I shouldn’t have said anything. My level 40 just got reset to level 1. Still a good player though.


Hope you guys can get in under the wire and get a team for this!


Don’t much care for it myself because it’s Xbox only apparently.


If Chappie looses in the tournament, he will learn to hate humans, and thus begin the tale of Skynet and Judgement Day. Just let him win god damnit!


Gt is mikedog6000 for xbox one message me if your interested in joining up in the tournament.


Is this only for xbox?


I would love to go, as Los Angeles is only a couple hours away, but my parents won’t let me. Visiting family in Michigan and whatnot.

Also, yay! The CHAPPiE fight is on my birthday! :smile:


I believe it is. I hope there will be a PC players tourney eventually! I’ll totally be getting into that!


Does anyone know if there is a particular reason why only Americans are allowed in this tournament? Sucks that my team won the community tournament but can’t enter this tournament because I’m in England :confused:


I’ll want one for Ps4. :slight_smile: Is the finals really going to be against a robot?