Chappie Challenge Champ

Vexxed won the tournament. They lost every match as Hunters against a good Goliath and KPB lost evey match against SN/Decoy combo. It was very entertaining. It is always refreshing to watch a Wraith hide behind a wall, activate Supernova, and use Decoy.


I have to ask, was that wraith he won with before or after balance changes?
Point being, did he used an unbalanced monster to win?
I saw somebody post this point a while back and I have to agree with her.

The balance changes have not happened yet, so it was before the changes.

Is there anywhere to see round by round results your wording is difficult to decipher.

yeah, funny to see those “OMG THE WRAITH IS GARBO NOW!” posts

Yay AI raping baddies…

And while we’re at it:

Exploit/glitch on Dam:

Nice to see them not being instantly disqualified… but well… I guess it wasn’t necessary since the Monster was Wraith anyways…
But honestly, it was one of the most fkin douchebag moves I’ve seen people use in tournaments. Total scumbag that Trapper.

I watched just the Vexxed vs AI Chappie, someone actually used this in Tournament and didn’t get DQ’d?

I’ve seen that bug before, I swear I’ve domed Monsters in and see him warp through. Better be fixed by the next patch.

Yeap they used it at the finals not when playing with “chappie”

The monster dude honestly just looked on his right where the hunters were like:Did you seriously just do that?

It was funny.But Wraith won anyway so i guess its cool

I was kinda disappointed by the Trapper using the Dome that way but at the same time I was much more disappointed to watch more cheap Wraith play.

2 hours 47 seconds.

Look at the face of the monster.

Only really made it to the Chappie game and it was really entertaining. That Goliath vs Assault showdown. So exciting.

Also, @DB_Sinclair was in suit and all. ^^

Hoping for more streamed tournaments like these in the future. :smile:


And them commentators praising exploit, brilliant play, jesus.

I agree with every word, it was awesome! We need more of this!

DB looked real darn fancy!

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Poor DB :smile: His co-caster was kinda noob and was saying whatever things.

Like DB said:
Now that support is down Chappie is going to have an easier time


Yeah this is an exceptional moment for Chappie since the hunter teams will have no heals to keep on playing.

And DB could do nothing but play along :smile:

Well to be fair.The co-caster i think named Tucker doesn’t know much about the game so he doesn’t even know this is an exploit.As for DB.He just played along instead of saying anything.He did good

My team has used the dome trick since Week 1 of release, it was -in- the beta. Not really an exploit or glitch in my eyes, it is literally done in the game without abusing the mechanics of the game in any way. Is it cheap? Yes. Effective? Even more so. I really don’t feel bad given Wraith Monsters believe they’re ‘skilled’ for using 2 traversals to escape a dome.

I asked to an esl admin , and he say , it’s ok for the dome trick. So i’m gonna use it until he get fixed.

They’ve dropped the ball there and it’s not that easy for them to admit mistake.


I don’t see the Problem? Is it really more unfair than the Wraith warpx3 and warp blasting out? The devs have said the Wraith can escape nearly any dome thrown at her and that was not intended and they have also said that the dome should not be able to be used to trap a monster. Seems pretty much the same to me.