Chaos mode (New Evolve Gamemode)


Are you tired of playing hunt? Do you want to spice up your evolve experience? Well welcome to chaos mode. Chaos mode is a mode that evolve desperately needs to bring up its player base (I don’t want to see comments that say “evolve is not dead”… It is DEAD). Chaos mode introduces a mode that each side uses teamwork. Hunters and monsters. Well… Just to put it straight forth. It’s 12 hunters against 3 monsters… You guys might be thinking "WHAT!!! EVOLVE CANT DO THAT!!!"
Well… They can. This mode is the mode everyone desperately wants and they are begging for it.
Let’s get into the details of the mode. There are 3 medics 3 assaults 3 trappers and 3 supports. There is 3 times more wildlife and 3 monsters. Turtle rock can decide if the monsters can be different or the same as each other (like 3 krakens). AND THE TRAPPERS CAN ONLY USE ONE DOME AT A TIME! So teamwork is necessary. So that’s pretty much it. That’s the mode me and other people desperately want. Let’s try to push this topic out to the devs and lets get this implemented Into the game. Post comments of how to make is mode even better and #MakeEvolveGreatAgain


sigh @10shredder00 I got this
#if people play the game than it isn’t dead
also no one was really asking for this nor would the engine be able handle it


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Sweet baby Jesus… It’s spreading…


People still play it yes? So Evolve isn’t dead. Simple fact. Accept that people with that mindset are wrong.

Because it can’t. Evolve cannot handle more than one Monster on a map let alone more than four Hunters. The game is designed and balanced around 4v1. Any more than that the game cannot handle it. Even if the game could, Monsters will be squashed like bugs.

Where is your evidence to prove this statement?

Speak for yourself. This is a mode that I do not want.

Yeah no, g flipping g.

That’s a more accurate statement.

Yeah let’s not.

Don’t implement it.

Calm down Trump.


Hmmm I don’t know if you meant for your OP to come across as slightly hostile, but it reads with a bit of an attitude and I believe that’s what people are responding to more than your actual suggestion. It’s also not a very good idea to go to the official forums for a game and declare it dead to people that almost religiously play it; just a suggestion :wink:

I’m interested though, why if you believe no one plays the game and it has such a low player base and is “dead,” then why do you think a mode that requires double the people to play will help the game?


It’s been forever since I commented and this is what I’m coming back to

Ummm no. From what I remember, the general consensus is a big no. This mode has been suggested too many times to count. Yes, you have other ideas, but not different enough.


Yo don’t you get it… It’s because it would make evolve great again. It’s not about the substance in your claims and the methods with which you would implement those ideas. Is about the bombastic nature of those claims and being the loudest, brashest person in the room (or in this case they guy with the most caps lock)

Wait are we still talking about video games… This sounds really familiar…hmmmmmm


I can tell you now the devs thought of things like this ages ago and there are many reasons why it was never carried forward and never will be carried forward in this version of Evolve. Sure it would be fun to try but very unbalanced.


I died sorry guys I am dead shredder killed me due to how funny he was xD


but a 100 people on pc :confused:thats like 20 matches at all times


I think the absolute worst thing you could do to ‘revive’ Evolve would be to split the Playerbase with yet another unwanted Gamemode.

10/10 for the sales pitch though.


Honestly, there is so much wrong with this suggestion that it isn’t even funny.

It requires 3x the players to fill a single match. If waiting for four people is bad, how bad would waiting for ELEVEN be? Dreadful.

Aside from being horribly unbalanced, there’s no way to enjoy it. It forces a cooperation role onto Monsters, who are inherently solo-only.

Taking balance into account, there would be no way to make progress whatsoever as the Monster, while the Hunters have it comparatively easy.

The engine CANNOT handle three Monsters. Don’t use the multiple Monsters bug + minion as an “explanation”. A bug is just that - something that should not happen. The Minion is nothing like the Monsters, other than in looks, so that’s also invalid.

If the servers are already barren, it would be kind of stupid to make another option to choose. All that would do is dilute the current numbers and spread them further apart.

Never really stopped being great, if you ask me, or almost anyone else on the forums. It being “dead” is also false. There are still people playing and avidly responding to forum posts. A dead game can’t say it has such things.


Shivers Imagine what 12 hunters ganging up against a Wraith or Gorgon could do. It’s absolutely brutal thinking about that mess.


3 gorgons just imagine the spider traps


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What a horrid idea


So what are everyone’s thought to try to get more people on the game again?


In some ways I don’t think it’s possible. People left for a reason, and at times fixing the issue often times leads to more issues which cause others to leave. Then as the game gets older people start looking at the newer games that come out. Though personally, instead of coming out with some crazy new game mode that runs the chance of being broken that no one plays, why not fix the game modes we currently have?