Changing Purchase platform


Ok, so I pre ordered Evolve for the PS4 but the PS4 takes up alot of my internet allowance since it has a bunch of apps running on ready/standby, thus increasing my internet bill. I was wondering if there is any way to change it from the PS4 platform to the PC platform. I’ve never had a AAA title to play on PC but since I finally got a monster laptop that can do it, I not only will get better graphics and performance, but more money in my pocket for the DLC of this game. Thank you.


If you purchased it from the Evolve website, you’d probably have to send in a ticket through 2K.
You’ll probably have to cancel the order, then re-order it on your preferred platform.

If you purchased it from Amazon or anywhere else, you’d have to contact them.


I did get it from the 2K store so at least it’ll maybe be easier. Thank you xdflames. I appreciate your adive :slight_smile:


No problem! The confirmation email from your purchase probably contains something else you can do if 2K Support doesn’t work out, but I’m sure they’ll be helpful in pointing you to the right place if they can’t fix it.


I hope it does fix it. I’m also hoping if one of the devs themselves will read this and maybe make it alot easier or give me more info you know? lol


Developers are clearly not Customer Support and don’t have anything to do with purchases. Making ticket for 2K Customer Support would be the only option for you.