Changing monster tracks based on action


What are your thoughts on modifying the monster tracks to have a unique, easily distinguishable shape for when the monster jumps?

I got the idea after watching these trackers on TV look at what was for all intents and purposes, mud, and say “The person is moving this direction, and they have a limp on their left leg.”

Would be rather quick and easy to implement, and allow the Hunters to be more…er… Huntery.

.oO(That’s not a word)

Yes I know it’s not a word! Cut me a break!


Interesting, but wouldn’t it break the game ever so slightly?

I mean, If I know that the Kraken flew, the Goliath jumped here… maybe as a future Trapper ability, but not by default.


Well, if Kraken flies, you never know where he lands, he could move in the other direction. And if Goliath jumps, as long as he lands in a sneak mode, he’d leave no prints, and again, could double back to throw off the Hunters.


One idea I had while playing was to be able to walk backwards and trick the hunters into which direction I was going. This wouldn’t work though because the tracks glow towards the newest ones :frowning:


I believe the Kraken leaves round “drops” as tracks as he flies.
But yeah, I think it makes sense to atleast have some bigger/thicker or stronger gloving tracks to indicate that the Goliath leaped.


Actually, kraken leaves something along the lines of footprints when it flies.


The mind boggles at the physics! :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut:



If you look closely, you’ll see that what the Kraken leaves behind when flying are scorch-marks; the energy arcing off of his “wings” will leave little burns on the surface of terrain he flies past, even when he’s a good way up in the air. I think it stops if he’s really high up and not near anything, but if he’s flying that high he’ll be a lot more visible.


@MacMan can you or someone weigh in on this mechanic? Does the Kraken stop leaving a trail after a certain height is achieved?


I can confirm that from a previous post MacMan did, i don’t remember where but it has been confirmed once you reach a certain height you won’t leave burn marks.


There could be some kind of things like when he has no armor he leaves traces of blood


I’m not a fan of the idea, I think it would make it much harder for the monster… Goliath can currently leap to make it look he started sneaking, or vice versa, but this ability would make it definitive one way or the other.


I do know that an early strategy employed at TRS was to walk backwards as the monster. This lead to a lot of confusion when following tracks :slight_smile:


The krakens tracks are burn marks, and it was confirmed they stop at a high height.


Is that why track kind of pulse in the direction they were made now?? (Of course, not sure that’s 100% true because I doubt many Alpha monsters tried that) :slight_smile:


I believe that the footprints will always glow like that. So it’s easier, at a glance, to see the ‘facing’ of the tracks, not which direction they were going. I think that you should still be able to do something like this.


What’s high height? I want to see numbers or it doesn’t really matter.


idk, like maximum


Yeah, the scorch marks show up at lower altitudes. But keep in mind that Kraken’s air burst stamina does not recharge while in the air. So yeah, if you climb something tall and fly off, you won’t leave tracks for a span. But eventually you have to come down.


Unless you have a bad Val sniping you and not tranqing :stuck_out_tongue: