Changes with control settings?


Will there be changes to the controller so I can assign the controller setting to make it easier for me as an example where the zoom is R2 and shoot is L2 the ping is L3 since I know my left side is faster then my right and when I am down as a hunter I switch to my left hand to rapid fire. I know Evolve has been out a few months now but I have looked at the settings in game and couldn’t find anything that would work like that. Mapping the controller is a possibility but I would have to map just for Evolve since only online shooter at the moment. Would like to know what other ideas would work. Thanks for the read and hope my impute helps in someway.


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Hope that someone sees this and if possible tells me what I can do to fix this problem I am having. Thanks in advance.


I think tagging a dev may help ^.^
@MacMan, any info you can give on this?