Changes to wildlife AI: A bit more balance between aggression towards hunters and monsters


So as you are all probably aware, the wildlife in this game can be a pain in the @ass. Especially for the hunters. Sure there is no denying that the wildlife will sometimes pester the monster too, but overall I think it is save to say that the wildlife behaves far more agressive towards the hunters.

So, let’s try to balance that out a bit more shall we? Because right now, it just feels like the wildlife is on the monster’s side. Whereas the monster is just as foreign to Shear as the hunters are. And while he may be an intimidating beast, that is no reason for so many creatures to just join his side and be so much more aggressive to the hunters than to him.

Mammoth birds

These devils are, thankfully, just as dangerous to each side. No need for change.


These guys are also just as aggressive to both sides. However, I feel that the mini-slow upon getting hit by them towards hunters needs to be removed. The damage they deal is enough of a nuisance, no need for the slowing effect as well.


Unfortunately, the steam from the Steamadons does little to the monster as his smell can completely negate it and he can easily get out of it with one traversal.
While a steam-cloud could give away your position, this is quite rare. If the hunters see a steam cloud that could have been activated by you (could just as well be a Reaver poking the Steamadon, so it is no reliable source of information for the hunters). Even so, at that range they can probably hear/see you anyway.

-Change: The monster can no longer smell while in the steam cloud. This ‘blinds’ the monster equally to how the cloud blinds the hunters.

Blitz Leopards
Blitz leopards completely ignore the monster, while being a large threat to the hunters. In a pack of three, one can pin you down while the other two constantly attack you. This can result in an incap if there are no nearby hunters. And that is fine. The wildlife should be dangerous unless you have your allies nearby.
However, making them absolutely no threat to the monster could use a bit of change.

-Change: Blitz Leopards, when in a pack of 3, will now attack the monster and chase after him a bit. However, as soon as one of the three dies, the other two will run away in fear. With this change they also need a slight increase in their health, since they are pretty much one-shotted by a lvl-1 ability or heavy/normal attack.

Venom Hounds

Just like Blitz Leopards, Venom Hounds pose no threat to the monster, while being able to do quite a bit of damage to hunters. While they shouldn’t straight up attack the monster (look at how little they are).
-Change: they should bite the monster if he gets really close to their nests (the green, fungal-looking structures). There attacks will poison the monster just as they poison the hunters, doing a small DoT for about 10 seconds.


The behavior from these creatures is quite random. At some points, you can get really close to them and all they will do roar at you. And some other times they will straight up charge you as soon as you even look at them. Remember, these should be docile herbivores, only attack when they feel threatened or are being attacked.

-Change: Nomads will now only charge you if you attack them or spend a long time (a monster having a buffet next to them, a hunter that is not using their jetpack to avoid them) close to them. If you get really close to them, all they will do is a headbutt or kick to shove you away. They will also chase you a lot less far. This goes for both sides by the way.


Just like Nomads, these ‘herbivores’ charge you the moment they see you like your some kind of treat.

-change: Same as Nomads, make them charge you only if you attack them or spend a long time close to them (a monster having a buffet next to them, a hunter that is not using their jetpack to avoid them). They should only headbutt you if you are relatively close to them and not chase you around as far as they currently do.

Crowbill Sloths

Sloths actually are very territorial and thus should be more aggressive than Nomads or Armadons. However, their before is again very unpredictable. You can spend an eternity in their terrain eating wildlife, with the Sloth only roaring in your general direction. And sometimes he straight up charges you, doing heavy damage. His behavior is inconsistent.

-Change: The Sloth will now have ‘degrees’ of aggression towards the monster and hunters. As soon as you enter his terrain, the aggression meter will go up. Eating or loitering in his domain will make him more aggressive. He will walk up to you and swat you away. If you still haven’t left yet or you straight up attack him, he will go full beserk and charge you for heavy damage.


Megamouths, while they are carnivores, do not compete for food with the monster. Only when the monster gets extremely close does he attack him. But the monster could have a feast in the Megamouths territory and he won’t stop him.

-Change: Megamouths, though preffering to keep their disguise, will now be more aggressive towards the monster if he stays in his territory for too long or if he eats too much food close to him. Once the monster is gone, he will eat any left-over creatures before returning to his original spot.


The Tyrant, by far the moster dangerous predator on Shear, does not seem to care much for the monster presence. Only when you enters his waters will he straight up attack you. However, he does not seem to care if you eat near his waters.

-Change: The Tyrant will now try to compete much harder for food with the monster. If the monster is attacking wildlife near the Tyrant, he will come out of his pit and attack the monster. Once the monster is gone, he will then proceed to eat any dead wildlife before returning to his waters.

Another really annoying thing with the Tyrant, is the fact that he has an animation where he is swallowing a hunter when he is low health. This animation cannot be canceled and outright kills the hunter. And it starts when the hunter is on about 1/4th HP. This leads to some very frustrating ‘But I shot him!’ experiences and is inconsistent with the other wildlife, where shooting them always frees your ally.

-Change: Remove the ‘unstoppable’ swallowing hunter animation and make it so your ally can still be saved in that situation.

What do you folks think of these changes?


mmm, i like it how it is.


Same, I honestly don’t have a problem with the wildlife.


I like all of them.


I agree with the Reaver thing, that slow down makes like no since.
I like the Steamodon thing, and it makes sense since steam could definitely clog some noses, that stuff is thick
Same with the Blitzleopard thing, theyre definitely large enough to be a pain in the booty for a stage 1, but evo 2 i think they should run away, much like Reavers.
Disagree with the venom hounds, its more of a scientific thing for me (yeah its a video game, but hush cuz i said so) The monsters are so much larger than humans, the poison would have 0 effect on them due to the lack of potency
Nomads, Armadons, and Crowbill-Couldnt agree more
Megamouth and Tyrant- Idk, i kinda like them where they are but eh maybe i just like having a feast in their face


Pretty sure caira mentions armadons are hyper territorial and highly aggressive, makes perfect sence they hate everyone in their space. They don’t usually chase much if you don’t outright attack them and I think they are fine the way they are. They would actively need to redo character dialog if they stopped being dicks.

Dunno why nomads are so crazy vs hunters, they’re my best buds on monster.

Venom hounds are way too small to hurt a monster with poison.

I can see 3 blitz trying a stage 1 but nothing bigger.

I can see megamouths and tyrants wanting their food back.

I like the slow on reaver, it’s only reason to not eat them on monster. Not like they are tanky. Little bastards are always breaking my monster pounces though, I think they like fucking with me lol.


‘Dunno why nomads are so crazy vs hunters, they’re my best buds on monster.’

Exactly. Why does the wildlife have to help the monster?


They aren’t helping the monster by attacking you, they are more willing to fight something smaller than them though


And thus indrectly helping the monster.

I’ve had loads of situations where a Sloth or Tyrant who entered the arena (which is bullsh!t as well, wildlife should not enter the arena) and COMPLETELY ignore the monster, even if they were right next to him.


I like it, but the tyrant part should be only when the monster enters the river, else you are completely unable to eat whilst nearby one


This should help you survive against them, and when writing this, I do agree on your point but I wouldn’t say tweak them. Wildlife just so happens to be more dangerous to the hunters, there are four you after all, and only one monster. Plus wildlife can be pretty detrimental for the Monster as well, just depends on the animal and situation.

I think I covered a lot based on how the AI works with them. I enjoy the third-player aspect they bring.


Except they do not.

As Hunters, when navigating an area, look at how much hostile wildlife will you rile up just by moving trough there. Your own guide states that - the only two mentioned creatures that are straight up advantageous to the Hunters are Spotters and Trapjaws, where Trapjaws only spawn near the Monster to drive it away from food, and Spotters run away whenever they see anything player-realated happen.

Monsters can instead bring Hunters to areas with some wildife that will pin them and deal serious damage. It’s just… Monsters control the battlefield too much. I’m not saying that the current wildlife should be removed or reworked. Most of it is fine. But if we got some that could pose more of a threat to the Monster, that’d be great. Like, some really territorial creatures that would be willing to and slow down the Monster if it got near their hive or whatever.


I agree only with the Reaver, Steamadon, Blitzer (For level 1 only) and Tyrant suggestions. The Tyrant is supposed to be THE ultimate scary wildlife, but he just kinda lazes around in the water most of the time. Not very impressive.

I have no problems with the aggressive herbivores. They hate both sides equally, trust me. Nomads and Armadons can be a nightmare, and they don’t give two shits if you’re stage 2 or 3. They’ll come at you, bro. Sloths too. But the venom hounds would never be THAT dumb. Come on.


Wildlife is fine, just be aware.


All true, I know almost all wildlife will be hostile towards Hunters.

This is completely true. Monster controls when and where to fight.

Wildlife, I want to say leave it as it is. From an animals perspective it makes more sense to be hostile towards the Hunters as they are smaller, rather than the giant Monsters. Only times I get attacked by a Sloth is when I aggro it first in a fight. I just jump away and it starts turning on the Hunters next.


I agree with you on blitzers a pack of them should go for the monster i also agree that the nomands are way to aggressive i once had one chase me about 50yds just to punt me.I agree with tyrants they should be monsters to both sides sort of the second you enter its territory to just beast anything.

The rest i kind of like as are.


I dont really have a problem with the wildlifes at all, IMO i think they should be even more agressive XD


I really like most of these suggestions, especially the suggestion to make Tyrant more protective of its shoreline. That would actually be an outstanding addition. I will admit as a monster player that I abuse Tyrant shorelines because they are a pretty safe place to feed and evolve with my Tyrant bodyguard there to protect me.

I’d also love to see them add some of the monsters from the Hunter’s Quest app in the future. Some of they look like they would be very interesting to contend with.


Monster controls where and when you right only if you can’t catch him, ask the players who get caught at stage one if they feel in control


i like the way things are now. The level 4 wildlife are as big as dicks to monsters as they are to hunters. I had many incidents where level 4 wildlife came after me and pretty much helped the hurts win the match. And saying wildlife shouldn’t enter the dome is like saying everything should be locked out of the dome.