Changes to make the game better, IMO Kappa


I’ve been looking at the the Hunters/Monsters for a while now and how they affect the game directly. Here are some of the things I would like to see changed in the future (next patch pls)

Monsters: Less tumble in early stages. This is something all monsters should be affected by. This would make the whole ‘Hunters have the advantage Stage 1’ truererer.

Kraken: Less damage overall. It has too much outgoing damage going out all the time, and while its putting damage down it can also avoid a lot of damage. Cuz it can fly ya’ll.

Vortex: Smaller hit box pls. I believe that Vortex should have a smaller hit box. At this point in time, as Kraken you can just aim in the general direction of the hunter you want to hit, and more often that not it’'ll hit them.

Banshee Mines: Less Damage (duh). I like the Kraken, I really do, but it just has too much all the time. If you’re not playing Markov, you’re going to have a bad time vs Kraken.

After Shock: Pretty well balanced IMO… Good Job :- )

Lighting Strike: I think the damage is fine on its own, but its hard to call it reasonable. Since if you hit lighting strike you have all this follow up (vortex, 3 possible Banshee mines, Auto Attacks). Or you can just drop down and tumble them with a power attack.

Yes I know Hunters have Jet pack. But the Kraken can make you waste it and still have a lot of damage available.

Goliath: I think he’s as good as he’s gonna get. Good damage all around and to win you have to combo, not just shit out banshee mines and vortex (Kraken) Kappa

Wraith: Too much tumble. I was told that I had the right to jet pack away from monsters. Wraith is stripping me of my freedom. OPPRESSION. Her AA just tumble you hard, even at stage dos. Yeah, yeah scythe like arms or whatever, but that doesn’t mean that she has to tumble you on every single one. Also the jet packing up thing? Heard of abduction/warp blast?

Warp Blast: Is fine. The range isn’t noticeable for the hunters, maybe an outline or something to help bad players like me?

Abduction: Very sexual. Very noice.

Decoy: Seems to do a lot of damage, maybe reduce. I mean its a decoy not a second monster. I think for it to fit the name of “Decoy” you should be able to send it out in a certain direction. In a fight where your’re pulling out the mad jookes, its kinda hard to avoid the decoy. I’ve done things, 3 points into Decoy stage 1 things… It’s not pretty man.

Super Nova: Honestly, not bad. Not super opieopie but when you’re able to get someone in it for a little bit, it stings.

Behemoth: Can I pls roll over/past wildlife? The whole getting stuck on that shit is killing my roll (EYYY). Also it takes a lot more damage than all the others. Making all that extra HP worthless. Maybe have him to less damage, and take less damage. He is a tank after all. I mean a full combo is enough to down a Hunter.

Tongue Grab: The hit box is tricky. I’ve tried to use it on downed Hunters and i still miss… Maybe im just bad idk.

Rock Wall: Is bueno.

Lava Bomb: Also Bueno

Fissure: Little to much damage. I mean it sets up for lava bomb/tongue grab. You’re more often than not gonna go down from a combo like that.

Onto the Hunters!

Torvald: Longer cool down on mortars and we good. Like 2 seconds longer. Right now, you kinda just throw them out willy-nilly. It should be more strategic, they are mortars after all. Fix audio bug pls.

Val: Her Weak Spot should allow HP damage. I mean in a fight you’re not gonna get more than 2 off. 2 is kinda a long shot tbh. Would be good trade off. Less Healing, but more damage.

Maggie/Griffin: This is for Harpoons. I feel like they should have a pull on them. Griffin should be able to almost reel in the monster. Same with Maggie’s, If multiple harpoons hit from different angles, it should deal damage until broken, but have no pull effect. if its just one it should just pull towards the harpoon.Kraken should also have to use two AA when flying to destroy the harpoon.

Parnell: Rockets seem to do less damage than shotgun. Would be great if we could get some number stats for everything in game.

Daisy: Should be able to bite the monster when monster pounces a hunter.

Bucket: I think he shouldn’t have the Rocket launcher thing he has. Something more “supporty”. He is support after all

Sunny: Will be fine after next patch

Dome: I think that the dome should be smaller than it is now. The height included. ATM when a monster gets trapped in dome, it can run around the dome denying any potential damage. The point of the dome is to force the monster to fight. This has its pros and its cons for both sides. Hunter pro; more damage dealt. Monster pro; Can land 2-3 person spells easier = more damage. Dome is harder to land on monster. If vs kraken hunters will have easier time dealing with his flying. Of course this does seem to be a nerf for the hunters, I know that. The only way that this would work would be if TRS added the pulling effects on harpoons and durability. Would also make the trapper role more difficult, which i think at the moment isnt much of a challenge.

Well those are my thought on the game. I would love to see all of these things changed for the better of the game, but one can only hope. I appreciate all feedback.




FYI parnell’s rockets do less damage than his shotgun. It’s supposed to. He’s a close combat assault.


The dome should not be smaller. You have CC abilities for a reason. And if you reduce the height then the kraken cannot properly fight.

I agree a little bit on kraken damage but you also have to realize that he is broken right now. He’s being fixed. He’s unable to be brought to the ground properly at the moment.

Goliath’s rock throw and kraken’s lightning strike are right on par damage wise in my opinion.

Bucket will never get a new weapon as he’s been created already.

Torvald already received a cool down reduction on his mortars. As a monster I never sit still long enough to let them all hit me.