Changes to hunters


Just like they plan to balance the game, will hunters be changed if its noticed they aren’t used as often? This mostly comes to mind over griffen, I think he will be used the least and I’m curious if they would make a big change to him assuming he will be played the least.


It’s probably a pretty safe bet, as they often say they want each of the hunters to get used the same. ie- a perfect balance maggie-33% griffen-33% abe-33% a reasonable but good balance(the percentages could change for each character) maggie-38% griffen-30% abe-31% when they would change characters it would have to be something like maggie-60% griffen-12% abe-28%


There is already a big thread on Griffin balancing. I am sure the devs are doing something. I must be the odd man out because I prefer Griffin to Maggie.


I’m with you! I find griffin much more versatile with the handheld harpoon gun, creates more tactics in my opinion.


Griffin is also my go-to character :raised_hands: the footage I have of him recorded from the alpha…most fights lasted no more than 5 min. He is a total pain by himself, but combined with Val’s tranqs the monster is almost at a stand still.

I always approach encounters with the harpoon.

Monster tries to flee -> works in favor of harpoon because the direction they are trying to move

Monster decides to turn around and charge me -> they are now within dome range


Griffin for life!


I also prefer Griffin out of the three Trappers.

It’s almost like the hunters are all pretty well balanced and the arguments come down to personal playstyle and opinion more than any actual significant weaknesses in the characters.


Turst on the Devs, they do a great work, balancing this game. If you played Big Alpha you might have reached my conclusion about the game balance … its very solid right? (okay, lets forget about big alpha kraken :P)

So don’t worry, If theres clear signs something is wrong with a hunter they will look up into it! just like they did with kraken :wink:


If I ever had to play Trapper (or was in the mood for it) I’d pick Griffin. The alpha made me like Maggie more than I did from first impressions, staying on the harpoon trap constantly and spreading them around the monster to attempt to tether them from multiple angles is great, but I never liked Daisy as a tracking tool and I’d still rather have the reactive power of the harpoon gun.

I don’t really like Abe that much :slight_smile: there’s a fair few Abe fans in this forum but personally I don’t like losing the hard cc of the other two.

Back on topic, I’m pretty sure they’re already making changes in the form of tweaking numbers, though I don’t know if they’ll make substantial changes to kits (though they did change Bucket’s UAV to be able to tag sneaking players but they removed the ability to ping while using it, not a fan of that change).


The hard cc only lasts a second or two against a competent monster. You can cover more area with the grenades. Also tracking darts are awesome as is that custom shotgun.


I feel like a lot of individuals feel like Griffen is lame and then the community rallies to remind you that he is most certainly not lol.


I’m not against griffen myself, as I chose him the most in the big alpha, I just brought it up because I see a lot of people who aren’t interested in him.


I don’t think there is any one Hunter that is dominantly ahead of others in their class, or completely behind in the same regard.


Yeah, I know. Abe doesn’t need backing up, he’ll do that well enough himself :stuck_out_tongue:


In the lore, Griffin seems to be the trouble maker! the guy who enters the bar and picks a fight :stuck_out_tongue: