Changes To Abduction And Tongue Grab

One thing that I feel has been overlooked is the fact that everyone only puts one point inti abduction and tongue grab. Seriously, there is no reason to use more than one point in it rather than another ability.

I would like it so every time you leveled it up you get better stat changes than just range and damage. Maybe making the area where you catch your target bigger per level, or make the ability move faster (specifically abduction).

We already are seeing changes to how some of Goliaths abilities and Krakens banshee mines are leveling up, so I wouldnt doubt the other monsters are coming next.

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Got a stupid nerf.

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When you use 1 in tongue grab it takes 1 second for the tongue to actually grab on to the person. 3 is instant grab.

So wind up speed is better.


Oh, never knew that.

Even so, catch radius should increase.

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So true, I honestly just use tongue grab to get my food to go.

True. Abduction would be good with a speed boost

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Seconding a speed/animation boost for ranking up Abduction and Tongue Grab. That would definitely make me put more points into them.

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They do for tongue grab, just not for abduction.


If this happens I’m Going smell range wraith with 3 in abduct and just demolish the hunter at stage 1,so awesome!


More points into abduction = more reliable grabs, longer distance, and a little more damage.

More points into tongue grab = the same thing.

1 point into either = fairly worthless, but sometimes handy.

2 points into either = decent reliability (except for Behemoth… it’s about as good as 1)

3 points into either = great reliability. they can still miss/grab animal corpses when you’re pointing at hunters, but Bob’s TG is really great at 3… just not good enough to justify the points in it usually.

I completely agree that they should be improved. Abduction needs a damage increase/more reliability (no, I did NOT want this dead strider, I wanted the medic I pointed at). TG needs it’s hitbox/spooltime reworked badly to make it really viable at 1/2 pts.

Also don’t help with the Jetpack bug with tounge grab. So annoying when a hunter jetpacks away after a solid hit.


With abduction at 3 points it almost seems harder to abduct people because the reticle is smaller.

Each point you put into abduct reduces the cooldown by 1 second. That alone is worth the extra points.

The reticle is the same size, your hitbox just gets bigger as you stage up. Its really annoying because it will show a clear abduct at s3 but your shoulder will smash into a tree or wall instead.

How about a 3pt tongue grab can catch and insta kill a 4 meat! Just snatch a tyrant or armadon up and bring it too you! :grin:

Ooh, while I am thinking about it, TG should be able to trigger birds like Abduction does. That is a serious suggestion.

Why not leave it as it is for now? I don’t see the actual reason for a faster abduction, I use behemoth myself and work well with it learning to adapt and play better.

This isnt something I want immediately changed, since its always been like this, but somewhere down the road I could see it happening.

My idea for abduction is to be able to change the direction of abduct. The default going back to starting point would be good if wraith could stay inviz and/or the abduct would lock on so that she would still abduct hunters who change position while she goes for it. That would really help separating the abducted hunter from the rest, which imo is what abduction should be all about. At this moment (in my case) abduct is just another form of inflicting damage during a close quarters fight. Best case scenario it saves you a climb when the hunter escapes up up and away.

Now changing direction would mean that after initiating abduct you can hold your thumbstick/press arrow key in the direction that you want the abduct to continue (forward/back/left/right). This again would allow for the abduct to seperate the abductee from the rest of his team. Abduct distance might need to be shortened at higher levels but since wraith has no legitimate way to play invisible hit&run monster this is my idea.

A great suggestion I heard from pH Keith is that you should be able to prematurely cancel abduction by pushing the key again, similar to warp blast.

So hitting the key again will cause you to turn right back around instead of sailing 200m into the sky only to be greeted with mortars and an orbital on your return.

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