Changes that are a little... Debatable



I’ve been playing the stage 2 beta and I’ve come a few features that have been indirectly tampered with following the latest patch.

First and foremost: Jack’s survey satellite. The new planet scanner to replace the dome has made Jacks survey satellite fairly useless whereas before the update it was great for finding distant tracks. I feel like it could be replaced by a tracker or something similar just to give jack a fourth ability.

Second is Behemoth in general. To slow for the new gameplay, too soft for the update. Of course he can’t be buffed too much and I don’t expect anything to happen to Bohemoth any time soon.

The third one I noticed was Wraith and Gorgon. Gorgon isn’t so bad, a bit of a tight target to hit but on the hole, not terrible, she fits in with the patch alright. Wraith on the other hand… ouch. Far too nimble and skinny to be fought. Even if wraith is trapped in the dome, she can almost teleport away from an entire team and hide. If she’s found, she simply teleports away again. It’s not that she actually teleports, it’s just that due to the animation for her dash, it’s almost impossible to see the direction she has gone and it’s indistinguishable from her decoy expiring.

Has anyone else noticed anything that has been knocked a little off center from the latest patch? maybe we can bring some of them to the dev’s attention.


Yay, Lilo & Stitch! :smile:

Yeah, I’d have to agree. I’ve not played S2 yet, but from what I’ve seen, Jack’s tracking is now pretty lackluster.

Behemoth actually isn’t available right now because there’s too much stuff wrong with him. The only people who can play him right now are Founders who had him prior to S2. Most of your concerns are probably being worked on as we speak.

Yeah, the general consensus is that Wraith and Gorgon are the two strongest monsters currently. Hopefully they get evened out pretty soon. The amount of “Wraith OP” threads I’ve seen are on par with the amount there were at launch!