Changes needed, and not minor balance tweaks


The biggest problem I have is that I like to play with friends, but I want to play as the monster as well. I hear that the full game will have customs games where I can play with 4 other friends, and that is fine, but I am not going to only be playing custom games, I want to rank up my stuff. How am I supposed to rank up my monster if I play with friends? The solution for this problem is to have a Ranked and Social playlist. Let me play as a monster without having to deal with bots, I need the challenge that only real players can give.
Another fix would be to make the D-pad the way to switch between weapons, I have no interest in changing between players when I am doing matchmaking and can’t change anyways. The D-pad will just make much more sense for many players.
A smaller tweak I would like to see is make the footprints disappear sooner.
Otherwise I do love the game, A lot of hunting with a little but intense combat is different then expected and very fun. Daisy is great! and I love the little after match quick look replay. But if there is not a way for me to play with my friends and be the monster(not including private games) I will not be buying the game. I don’t say that as a threat I say that to help show how important it is for me to be able to play what I would consider “the full game”.


You can level up your masteries, perks, and personal level in custom games. The only thing that doesn’t go up is your hidden ELO/ W/L ratios.


The final game with give you the ability to make a ‘custom game’ where you can play with friends to your hearts content as well as tweak settings.


you dont seem to be understanding that I don’t want to just do custom games, I will miss out on so much, I don’t care about stats like K/D or leaderboards, but I want to be able to play with people, and I won’t always have a team of 5, nor would I want to keep playing with only my friends. I like to play against and with other people I don’t know.


May as well put htis comment here. INCREASE SERVER CAPACITY! I can’t play this awesome game because the servers are ful. :frowning:


This really does need to be restricted though. People would abuse this and troll teams, not very fair to be stuck in a game with a party playing against you.


the servers will be increased, this is just an alpha, they know it and are already working on it


They can figure something out, I personally always liked the L4D voting system, if the majority of the people are jerks and cheating and you can’t kick them then you can just leave because you wouldn’t want to play with them anyway. But the ranked and social playlists is a good cure for this problem, obviously in ranked you cant be in a party and the monster, and in social you can.


I’m finding sometimes at the end of matches, it doesn’t add on the XP earned for that game- maybe bug


So there is no ‘custom game’ feature in the Big Alpha?


Since I can’t create my own topic… Can you PLEASE add the feature to only play a certain class. I am very willing to wait however much longer it will take to find a server to play an assault class over joining a game, getting medic, quitting, joining another server etc. Not only is it unfair to other players but it’s just a massive waste of time.

Just a simple option, I mean I personally will never play as the monster and I don’t want to, so if a server forces me to it’s, an instant quit, so why put myself and other players through the extra wait time?


let me tell you why it’s never gonna happen.
“Hey guys,wanna help me level up monster and get to the top 100?
-sure thing!We’ll just let you kill us,and if there’s a random with us he won’t be able to do much to stop us!
gee,thanks guys, I love how you can get ranked #1 by cheating thanks to custom matches!”

or:“guys,I need 10k more damage with Markovs assault rifle,but it’s going so slow. One of you play as Goliath so I can unload clips after clips and farm that damage in one round.Remember!when you’re near death go and feed and stage up so I can do it all over again.”