Changes I'd love to see

Official and clear hacker reports and systems to discount hacked games. Changing the affects of Tracking darts and global scanners. Holy hell they’re just over powered, tracked for at least 7 days by the dart and as soon as that ends I’m tracked by the global for another 300, it doesn’t five monsters a fair chance to escape or creatively hide which are such fun parts of the game, getting totally smothered and forcing every monster to brawl in a 2 second cooldown dome. The game needs something creative to it like setting up ambushes for monsters to make taking them on at stage 3 more exciting not a murder and bore fest.
Longer game times are definitely needed 100% without the ridiculous timer that forces fighting upon the monster even more, it’s simply an unfair mechanic and often leaves the games feeling unfulfilled when it ends so soon.
The spam trackers just ruin the point in making nice maps and hiding because you don’t have a breath to do so. It doesn’t feel like a hunt it just feels like I’m following dots and radars then trapping stuff in domes i can’t even see. It totally takes away skill or excitement of hunting and is so ‘spammable’. The amount of times I’ve been hiding after luring the hunters off on a goose chase with trails to slip behind them and they’ve just used the tracked AGAIN and walk right to me is just straining my patience with this game. There is no fun in constantly being forced to fight disgusting damage weapons and ordnance over and over again. And please add the invisibility and stealth components back to wraith, I don’t want to see another brawler monster, do something different it’s not overpowered if the hunters stick together like they’re supposed to.
speaking of hunters, something needs to be done about trappers so that they actually have to trap something, the harpoons are generally useless and dull and the guns tend to be really bland for them. The only useful part of them is the fact they can show you exactly where the monster is constantly the entire game, which is just boring to do and extremely over powered.
If you don’t want it always a cat and mouse chase then change up the mechanics, make it so the hunters actually hunt and have gear and abilities that operate to perform their role, not just increase the stats of their play ( more defence, more attack, more heals etc.) Give the support slowing devices or fields that increase speed in a circle that lasts a period of time. Give them supporting aspects like reinforcing health of others or blinding the monster temporarily, covering allies with a small wall or barrier that actually appears in the way. Not boring shield devices that have to be constantly applied. give assaults turrets and actual equipment that lay down damage not just the odd mine and a disgusting no aim needed rifle. Healers need more ways of healing that don’t involve constantly using the, if the healing gun is the only way to go then it needs to have more to it than a soggy green beam. Now trappers, wow. Harpoons that can be pre-placed (with a limit of course) and nets to block off a passage like behemoths. A daisy or animal tracking that finds tracks and doesn’t do nothing. Something like bear traps and immobilises to help set up ambushes smartly and adds challenge rather than the game just being a big old goose chase. Let the hunter players learn not to just run in there and to set up wisely rather than just dart in dome and spam. When the monster is stage 3 give them something to set up defences and barricades to make a creative defence not a run and gun then hide scenario that ends the same way every time.
And holy hell, hackers man, give me some anti hack monsters… and some bigger maps that offer more oppurtunities.

“Being shot through walls”

Hello @SlaughterSalmon and welcome to the forums!

I can definitely understand your frustration with hackers, but I can assure you that the issue is one of the primary things the devs are working on:

That said, in regards to your issue with planet scanner and Abe’s tracking dart:

  • The planet scanner is meant as a way to give hunters a general idea where the monster is located to avoid that the monster would be able to sneak for the entire duration of the game and evolve safely to Stage 3 without a fight and then dominate the hunters completely. Which, frankly, isn’t fun for either side.
  • Abe’s tracking dart allows you to know where the monster is but only for a limited time. So good use of terrain to stay out of LoS can prevent you from getting darted again and potentially increase the distance even further (especially with smart sneaking, for example right after a planet scanner)

That said, since you are new, I also would like to give you the following post to help you find your way around and to get familiar with our community guidelines:

Let us know if there is anything else.


Just happened again, I didn’t get any of the names as it happened too fast but it would be cool if the games kept you in lobby after so I can do so. They weren’t typing to me in chat as i asked to swap out of monster which was my least preferred, no responses. Joined the game and died as soon as I loaded in.

Thank you for the response! :slight_smile:
Please excuse the hidden name on screenshots.