Change to the current Global Average statistics


Currently at the end of the match we can see how we fared as our respective player compared to the rest of the world. I really like this idea, but I feel as though there’s a better way to go about it than simply taking the total damage/healing/actions of an ability and comparing them.

Since this game isn’t a specific length in time, longer matches are almost guaranteed to have higher than average stats, whilst lower games will have a lower than average set of data. So my idea is as follows: convert the current comparison screen from total damage to damage per minute. This has the benefit of making the statistics of both longer and shorter games fall closer in line to “average” games, while providing a relatively more accurate reading of how damage was dealt.

One shortfall would be that this could make long games with only one or two big fights seem like players played less effectively than their shorter counterparts. At the same time, longer games would tend to have higher stage monsters and require more damage output to take down compared to level 1 monsters stuck in the first dome and annihilated. Of course there are other things that contribute to damage like wildlife (though I’m not certain if that’s counted for global stats) that skew results as well.

It’s not a perfect idea in the least, and we currently have a summary screen that already shows our total damage/masteries, more statistics (I’m this case.) couldn’t really hurt. Thoughts?

Also please switch Markovs arc mine damage to beneath it’s icon it’s just slightly annoying. :frowning:


Hackers have changed that, they played (with hacks) millions and millions of games with all characters, and they did nothing of damage etc… so on PC Global Stats are really Broken. Need to fix this.