Change to Nest and Survivor


Love the 4vrs1 format, but after a week of playing I have an idea to help add variety to Nest and Survivor mode.

I would loved in Nest and Survivor the “option” to have the monster start at level 1, 2 or 3 (to make it more difficult for one side or the other) and even if the hunters manage to kill it, it just respawns again after a set period with a strike to health pool, just like the hunters. The monster still needs to feed to gain armour. This way the objective in Egg mode is primary destroy/defend the eggs in the time limit!

In Rescue the object is solely rescuing 5 survivors before the monster Kills 5! Killing Hunters or Monsters helps to slow things down, but it isn’t the main objective and not the end of the match.

These are only small changes but it sure changes things up if you HAVE to complete the objectives rather than just do a hunt mode with added things to do? Everything should be customisable before the match begins. And being able to choose what level the monster is to start with could make it a more terrifying parent and killer!


I’ll pretend like you didn’t actually mention giving monster another advantage in rescue, since it’s already nigh to impossible to win against semi-competent monster if it simply bolts to the colonists.


Yes, it shouldn’t be able to get to the colonists to much in front of the hunters, if it can then a small tweak to help stop that perhaps? There shouldn’t be any easy solutions.