Change the intro video to fit the game


After the new update hits the old intro video is going to be outdated (assults shield and hanks ordital being used for pure damge).


Its far too costly to update the intro video. As it is, the video doesn’t really follow game mechanics. Think of it as a dramatization!


They already said they won’t change the intro as the cost for it was too high and they are primarily focusing in gameplay at the moment.

Later, perhaps, they said.


I don’t think it’s necessary to update the intro.
Nonetheless I’d love to see other videos they produced as an intro :grin:


I find a intro video to be very appealing tells a story no matter how much the game lacks a story.This is a reminder of what the once was .


Personally I would be more of a fan to have the intro video removed (for now), it just takes longer to get into the main menu this way and removing it would save additional space.


If TU9 brings about a lot of players and 2K thinks that a new intro video is worth the cost, then I think they would do it. But rendered videos are not cheap.




I found the exact post, just as a reference:



2k needs to step it up a notch a new video to a new game is worth the cost I know the have the money to make a relaunch appealing to new\old players


You can try contacting them directly. As long as the email/post is well written and not abusive I don’t think it would hurt anything. People clamoring for more things Evolve is not a bad idea! :bulb:


There’s a difference between “wanting” and “reality”.

That you want a new cinematic, I can definitely understand (I would like to see that too).
Reality however, as mentioned above, is that it will NOT happen.

You can be disappointed, you can be sad, but fact remains fact until the game gets the more proper attention it deserves.


The video also has near infinite jetpack fuel. The Wraith trailer still has it go invisible when decoy is activated. The cinematics aren’t going to change, it’s just gameplay-story segregation.

What exactly does this mean? If the monster is staying nearly motionless and is restricted by the trapper, the orbital would still be a good idea to do some damage.


The video gives absolutely nothing it tells no story or is it in anyway relative to the game play other tgan it has the characters.


Then it would be better removed. (Sorry @TheMountainThatRoars :frowning: )




It means from day one this is what I thought it was for explanation is until the last update it always felt like a denial tool but not area denial but a targeting denial come to find out its a area denial tool which I guess I can live with but never felt that way I could give a few reasons why its not a area denial the diggest being you can only use it once while engaged with the monster it last a very short time and has a massive cooldown keeps the monster from using the area for a very short time but ill agree with TRS with its decision and use the character as they say its ment to be used anyway.


Instead of remaking a new trailer, we should have Emet shower scenes. It will cost less than a whole new fight animation, and will only need a few Emet movements and mostly VO.

Emet be gettin ready for a battle. I can even see a towel on his head and a towel around his waist.

Can we start a GoFundMe for this to happen? I want to open up Evolve to see Emet shower monologues(dialogues with demon core)!!!

It will happen...

Or we can replace the fight scene with the animations of the hunters getting ready in the Lorie Ann since that video already exists. Tag some Devs to see if they can switch out the T1 fight intro with the hunters prep scene. Plz :sob: