Change it back, thats the best quick fix

So remove the last title update, the rankings and the new matchmaking, because it’s just made playing in public matchmaking total Bull! Me and my mate have both selected no preference, so all we need is 2 randoms and we are just staring at an endless spinning circle, its pathetic! And when we do find people, someone always backs out without picking a class! Grrrr!!

The toxicity and bootyhurtedness of this thread is real.


It’s all too real, i’m literally doing it right now, im just distracting myself by jumping on the forums lol

It won’t make fighting monsters with pubs that much better…if at all.

Clearly hes a Republican

I honestly love this new update but I am unable to play because of the horrible matchmaking, I know TRS will fix this so all I have to do now is wait… oh boy :cry:

Aren’t you on ps4?

Yes but I dislike playing with pubs that are below level 20

Grab a team then.

Easier said than done.

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Hmm I’ll take you.

Im not for sale… you mean on PS4? Oh… ok…

Oh…puts away $50 Nevermind then.

But what about that time…

your not a cop right?

@Trollogrefey I find this highly offensive! Without proof how can anyone trust you! :stuck_out_tongue:

aww, but that arrest was so much fun… you dancing on that tab- :stuck_out_tongue:

wait, it’s classified i should not speak of it :stuck_out_tongue:

how do you do the fade thing with the words?

Nope. Just your average joe.


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You just do it…

text no capitals.

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Ok words, FADE

(did it work? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thank you!

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I edited my post.

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