Change Hunters turning their backs towards Monsters after pounce

Been bugging me for a while now, maybe we can have this changed in a year or so… The moment you get out of a sneak pounce as Hunter your back will be turned towards the Monster. It’s highly disrupting the Hunters ability to properly fight back against for example ground Krakens with perma infight pounces. Assaults or even Slim suffer the most from this infight. I don’t mind infight pounces but constantly having your back turned towards the Monster afterwards very rarely to never helps you get away anyways, it’s just disrupting your ability to fight back properly. Changerino please. :flushed:


I agree. The hunter should be facing the monster when they get up from a pounce

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I’m sure before you got up facing the monster… I remember because I recently got up an jetpacked forwards thinking I would go past the monster, and instead stayed infront of him for a leap smash. When you’ve been pounced you REALLY need to know what’s coming next and how to counter it. Having your back to the monster really screws you over.

Nope, you definitely get up facing away. I remember because this has been the cause of much grief to me…Get unpounced, I’m facing away, he knocks me back so I cannot turn, pounces again…Please change this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about, you face the direction you were facing pre-pounce?

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Oh yea i hate this so much— your basically dead lol

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