Change Hunter Class Color Option


Since people have had problems with hunters and colorblind mode (not me) I recently had the idea to be able to change hunters colors. This way people who are colorblind for certain colors can change the color to something they can see.

This may not solve complete colorblind problems, but I think it would be cool to have each of the hunters have pink names (not really, only a joke).

This way hunters can make trapper a darker green or support a yellow.


Though I’d love this idea to death, we could see some users abuse this by picking the most contrasting color for each map.

I’d prefer if they just upgraded the current system. Maybe if it has preset of a few colors that you can chose from?


I would be so for this.
I myself am a little colorblind (my yellows look greyish and bright green is the same way) but yes like this guy^^^ said it cld be abused so i 2nd the preset color options per class. That wld be so good :+1: