Change Hank's Orbital Barrage to Green?


Can we change Hank’s Targeter for his Orbital Barrage to match Cabot’s?

The thing I like about Cabot’s is that his is green when you can use it in an available area, then turns red when it’s not. This is immensely more simpler and easier to use, whereas Hank’s stays the red regardless if you can use it or not and the only graphical difference is that there’s a cross and this makes it stressful when you’re in combat.

Can we just have both of them be green when available for use and red when it’s in restricted terrain for consistency?



I second this.

Aside from the coloration I kind of hate how fiddly the targeting is and how hard it is to use it on the move, but that might be by design and I can’t think of a better way to do it anyway. I just hate every time I accidentally bomb a tree or bush instead of my target because I get bumped.


I second this. Extremely annoying how I cant tell targetters apart


Sounds good!


Makes complete sense. Just having that visual cue of color saves precious time when fighting the monster.


Agreed! 10 chars


Good feedback, thank you!


I would really like to see the ability to look through and hold the viewfinder without initiating the call down. Definitely agree on the color change as well!



Agreed, set the look through viewfinder function to right click.


I want to bump this thread. @MacMan any possibility of getting it changed?


Now why didn’t I think about that! Good idea.