Change hanks character mastery,please!


I’m not sure if everyone agrees, but as a Hank player I find it so frustrating to level him up. His laser cutter and Orbital Barrage skill require you to damage the monster and doesn’t count anything else. I mostly use hank on nest so all the damage done to the egg doesn’t give any Exp, maybe you could change it to damage monster and eggs as well?

thanks anyway


Are you sure? I used an offline game of Nest to orbital strike the eggs and I’m pretty sure it counted it. It gave me the 100% mesage when I attacked one of the eggs anyway, and that game I unlocked Bucket.


2 star and 3 star only counts monster 1 star is all dmg


It’s the same for all other hunters. They all revolve around damaging, tagging, hitting, etc on the monster only for ranks 2 and 3.