Change Decoy's Name to Duplicate or Doppelganger


With upcoming changes to Wraith and the Decoy ability, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the name Decoy. It doesn’t really fit the name anymore. Decoy works now because you can use it to trick the Hunters into thinking it’s actually you. With the changes, that doesn’t really seem like it’s going to happen in the update. This version of the ability doesn’t trick the Hunters into thinking it’s the original, it simply looks identical to the original and fights beside it.


I like the sound of “Double Trouble” haha


What ever works really. I’d just like to see it changed.


It can still be used as a decoy, just not from out in the open (where current decoy is useless anyway).


Won’t it be just as convincing?
Especially if they take away the flashing when shot. Really, besides the warp-warp-warp, the only way you can tell them apart is by the flashes. However, AI is being reworked in the TU as well.

For example, if you decoy behind a wall in TU09, won’t the hunters be unsure which Wraith is the real one until an ability is used?

IMO, until we see EXACTLT how it functions, I don’t think we need name changes, and even if it does change quite a bit, we probably won’t need a name change.


It’s still a decoy imo. The definition of a decoy is to lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course, typically into a trap. And it still does that, it distracts still, it lures you does it not, thinking it could be the real wraith. I don’t think a name change is very necessary, but that’s just me.


I don’t think it will be. You can clearly see the difference between the AI and player controlled one.


But is this version really being used as a trap of flank tool? I don’t really think it would be.


Depends on the user. I’d use it to flank personally, its a great ambush tool.


But you can in TU08 as well and it is also named Decoy and just as indeceptive when used in the middle of combat.

My hopes are that they change the animation so that hunters couldn’t tell which one is which. Say that 50% of the time the real wraith is the right one and 50% of the time the real wraith is the left one.


I guess, but it also depends on the Hunters. If I see that ability being used, then I know which one is which. No doubt in my mind. I even do that now with the current form of Decoy.


Or have it be a double split down the middle? One goes left and one goes right?


I think decoy is fine. After all, even after the changes, it stil serves as a decoy, taking pressure off Wraith


But hunters could still tell if the real one ALWAYS went to the right, so there would need to be twp separate animations that happen just as frequently, ya feel?


Yeah, I get that. Maybe another solution would be to not have the health and armor bars show after a set amount of time of the ability being used? Add this on with the random positioning?


I believe myself or someone else suggested the Doppelganger name or at the very least mentioned it once. I like it since it’s really not a Decoy anymore and if you ask me, never really was.

Just make it Doppelganger, then give us Decoy in the Wraith adaptation. It’s all I ask.
######Minus nerfing Slim.


It’s still a Decoy, so I see no real reason it should be changed.


I propose the name “Beard” in honor of TRS, because apparently it’s a synonym to decoy.

In seriousness, I think keeping the name “Decoy” won’t hurt anything, but Doppelganger sounds really cool and would be more accurate by definition. Honestly, though, I think it’ll be fine no matter which way the name goes.


“Decoy” has a lot of meanings within particular contexts.

One of those contexts revolves around something that it used as a distraction- Something the “new” decoy will still be very capable of, in and out of combat from the looks of it. Nothing will stop you from casting decoy out of LoS, and then going the other direction while it does its thing, or aiming it at that rotten hank and his shields in the midst of combat, distracting him while you ham down the medic or trapper (Assuming theres no other “Game changing” aspects to it beyond what we know).

You do not need invisibility, to make decoy, be a decoy.

Now in fairness- Things like “Doppelganger” do fit as well. But I really dont see “decoy” as being totally irrelevant either personally.


Tbph I reckon I’ll get more use out of it as an actual decoy in TU9 than I do now. Mostly these days I use it to rattlesnake over a downed Hunter so I don’t have to. Looking forward to being able to move full speed and warp while it’s out.