Change Co-op Hunt -> Arena


Hey guys, I’ve played a match in co-op and I felt that it would be better for players to start right into action via the Arena mode.
The whole Tom and Jerry Hunt is sweet in PvP but not in Co-op.
This might be able to give players more incentive in completing the “Darkest Deep” event.
My 2-cents.


Co-op becoming Arena is something I’d prefer honestly.


I prefer the fight than the chase to be honest… also been waiting for arena long time here.


Arena > Hunt


can they return arena match making :)?


Coop now is just a game of chase in the current patch…

Yeah arena would be awesome so true coop like deepest dark and future content like it would be best


I disagree with that- Hunt is, to me and a lot of players, the full experience and superior to Arena; however that’s for PVP.

In co-op the bot monster is just trash and it ends up being the most disgustingly boring thing ever. Co-op in Arena would be infinitely better.