Change Back to Five Deployables Poll


Imo, the change from five to three deployables for some hunters was just completely unreasonable. It was a random change that no one really even asked for, and it made some of the most balanced characters unbalanced.

Personally, I dont see any problem with completely reversing this change. We have had 5 deployables since launch, and it never really caused any problems.

Its changes like this that make games unbalanced, because instead of focusing on fixing the problems at hand, we are just introducing new ones that no one even wanted in the first place.

Im really hoping that they see this poll and change it back, because we havent had a good patch that actually improved the game for as long as I can remember.

  • Hunters should go back to having 5 deployables

  • Hunters should keep 3 deployables

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Nah, I understand TRS’ reasoning behind the change.
What’s left now is to balance it accordingly because some Hunters aren’t as strong as they used to be.

Of course you can also just, you know —


Just make it 4


No. The three deployable change was a very welcome one. Even though it wasn’t requested it made life as Monster much easier. IMO, certain deployables shouldn’t have even gotten the buffs they did. But that’s just me.

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Feel free to correct the category.


I would like 5 back. But then everyone would complain they would have to deal with 5 tesla mines as opposed to 3. So everyone would get salty about it. I personally don’t mind 3. Was hardly affected.


Griffin and Bucket should either get deployable buffs or five back. Period.


Whats wrong with the category? I thought hunters would be right.

EDIT: nvm, suggestions would be better.


It would technically be suggestions.


I think 3 SS’s is plenty. Sentries…accuracy buff easy peasy.


Sound Spikes are worse now, and they didn’t deserve the nerf, so…Buff them.

And Bucket’s turrets are just worthless now. ._.


At the very least, I would like them to buff Buckets turrets a bit. They got a huge nerf from this.

It would be easier to just reverse the change though, instead of struggling to balance it as perfectly as it was before.


Bucket’s trashtier again.


What’s wrong with SS? 231 m map coverage is still excellent.


Just an accuracy buff is all they need.


Most good Griffin players used a few to cover high traffic areas and a few to cover chokes.

Now that you have only three you can no longer afford to cover chokes with them, you need them all for map coverage and it’s still not as much as it was.


A big one at that.


I don’t see the fuss. :confused:


Mmmmmmmmmm not sure. right they now sit at 15 and 16 spread. Not sure how much more accuracy they require.


What’s not to get? I just explained it. Several times.


idk, i was initially opposed to the change, but then i played it and it wasnt as awful as i thought. Griffin is still strong and covers much more ground than before, Markov is just as good at area denial, Maggie does her job of running and placing just as well as before, and Bucket is the only one who id say is slightly weaker, but is more annoying to monsters as a result. all in all, the changes werent necessarily needed, but they dont have a ginormous impact that ruins the game. I couldnt see it changing back even if we wanted it to. Only thing that is straight up weaker is Kraken’s Banshee mines, since you can only have 3 and the number that you can hold is based on level is very weak in my opinion.