"Chameleon" Perk in lieu of Armor Regen?


Just got this idea from Lord @MaddCow. Forgive this theft of your idea, sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

Armor Regen is good for players who like to sit and wait in ambush. You gain armor passively so you’re ready for the fight when they find you. And find you they will. However it’s not too good at this. It’s kind of the laughing stock of the perks. So instead we could replace it with a perk that makes you glow less when you have full armor: Because right now, when I wait in a bush I start glowing like a Christmas Tree and I have to fight before I have full armor. With this you’d ideally have more armor.

Just a thought.


I give my Hoof of approval :slight_smile:


Excellent. Now we may begin production.


Can I get a perk that makes the glow twice as bright?

I’d like to win with style.


…Dammit @Rapterror. THAT’S MY JOB.


I basically do this to every thread I see. Half of the threads you find in the right category are from me.


;-; I feel bad now.


You should. For shame, Ren.


Yes. I should’ve put this in Feedback, not gameplay. :confounded:


At least you know what you did wrong.


Now I changed it back to Gameplay then to Feedback again.


I’m going to hate armour if I get the Jade Behemoth. If we removed the lava glow, it might not look so bad.


Ah thread all full of buddies lol


Yes, the green and the orange don’t mesh well in my opinion.

Also I think a darker Wraith or Kraken would be cool.