Chameleon monster suggestion


I would like to see a new monster in the game as a chameleon that is able to blend to the environment its on when sneaking. It would also have the ability to release spores that knock out the players for a few seconds, a pounce skill that the monster could use when performing a stealth attack, a harden skin skill that would give it a temporary armor bonus and then a simple slash skill in which the monster goes in a frenzy mode with its sharp claws.

Just like the current monsters have their 4 skills which they choose to upgrade on evolve stages this monster could bring out some alternative gameplay tactics for the monster to use. If I wasnt so busy with other projects and work I would actually start making concepts and some 3d art for illustrations :smile: Maybe one day!

Chameleon monster ability and ghillie suit skins

I also hope the third begins to show something of a ‘technique’ style. One that doesn’t have the core stats to make it potent or beefy outright but a lot of useful tricks up its proverbial sleeves. I think perhaps that’s why neither monster appears to suit my playstyle since they just literally power through things with little thought investment (well, asides from quickfire placement and recognition of the lay of the land.)


And this sort of happened. Wraith.


Please use the already made monster idea thread for you well… monster ideas.