"Challenge to Rematch" Option/feature for Hunt


say you actually found a good team or monster to put against where you two have really fun and close matches. sometimes teams like this you may encounter once or twice and each time winning and losing is very close. these are the games that I and the majority of players enjoy. it feels great to be able to defend your honor.

or maybe you’re just stuck in a dead region where you five are the only ones playing right now. so rather than waiting another 20 minutes for the game to find other people only to revert back to the same players you played earlier. Either side can decide to call a vote for a rematch to save their time or regain their honored.

Challenge to Rematch

after the end of a round a rematch button can be added after everyone returns to the lobby.


just put them under the list of player options and voir to slip “challenge to rematch


everyone on both side must vote yes for the challenge to go forward, if say the monster declines or if even one of the hunters decline they requeue as normal.
if they all approve this will bring them up to a map loading lobby like when they already found each other.

then after the rematch is over we play Barney and friends song in the background.

What do you guys think?

do you have other changes regarding this that you think can improve on with this feature.


Couple of threads already talking about this. They all agree


so this seems to be a popular enough idea, we’ll be making damn sure to ask @macman or whoever is assigned to handle the next AMA on the Evolve subreddit about it.


Fantastic idea, I love this.


Yeah i don’t know why they don’t have that option or simply if everyone ready ups then the same bunch of hunters/monster play again,why they boot the monster i “je ne sais pas” stupid really, agree with you!


Unfortunately this wouldn’t work. People would abuse the hell out of this system to boost their ranks


agree, somewhat boosting


You and I both know you can’t trust people lol



I’m with you all. I have been asking for a rematch button for the past year or so. I think we run into technical hurdles like the monster already leaving the lobby and being matched into another game. That said, I’m sure there’s a way, but it hasn’t been a high priority item (compared to getting Hunt 2.0 in and working on the MM, getting Skirmish and Meteor Goliath in, etc.)

I’ll see if I can find my original bug/task for the rematch button and bump it.




Yeah don’t know how it was overlooked! Having the monster kicked after game is A-time consuming looking for a new1 and B-every1 wants a re-match especially if it was a close match

Also if would kind of semi-fix the wait times because you would play straight away again after a game has completed,which means less people in the clutter of searching


I do like the rematch button, but i do love to see a “reconnect” button more.


hahahahah nice ^^^^

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