Challenge Thread


So like the title show me your challenges.

I’m bored as heck.

And someone may use yours to challenge them selfs.

Goodluck everyone


I’m not really sure what you mean.


Give me a challenge to do as a monster or hunter.


Such as play with pubs

Or no mike

LOL just impossible


S1 - 3 in charge
S2 - 3 In Fire Breath


Win as Goliath without using Melee Attacks (only abilities).

@TheMountainThatRoars You changed your profile picture. :open_mouth:


Voodoo Kraken!


It looks so awesome. :smiley:


Might do this but am I allowed to go to stage three and can I melee wildlife?


Yes stage 3 is allowed but no melee on wildlife. Don’t want to make it too easy now do we. :wink:
Have a few goes at that and if it is too difficult then melee on wildlife will be allowed.


Yeah kinda hard to kill a Tyrant or Sloth if you miss a ability.


no sniffing no sneaking no leaping



Do you record your gameplay?


Kraken - fly down

Wraith - warp away

Behemoth - roll out


sry not really

I really don’t understand much from videos.

Thats why I read threads :smile:


Can I get a behemoth autobot skin? Behemoptimus Prime


No worries, was just curious. Let us know how you get on. :smile:


Probably need to read for a couple of hours and get lucky on a pub match


Challenger Approaching

When you incap a hunter you must kill and eat at least four hunters. (Daisy counts as half a point?)

As well you must eat only four-meats and three-meats.

Think of this challenge as a Goliath heavy weight work out.