Challenge Privilages


I motion that if a challenge is taking place then those who leave due to other people not cooperating should not be forced to wait a minute to return to the multiplayer games AND automatically moved into new parties instead of moving them back into the game they just left. During the Bucket challenge, the only times I played multiplayer I never got Support even though it was my highest preference and the person who kept getting Support would not choose Bucket at all, so the only numbers I got in were in Solo/Custom. Same thing happened during the Griffin Challenge. So, in other words, if a person leaves a game because the challenge’s corresponding character is not on the team or if it’s not the right Monster then we should not be penalized for trying to get a different match going that will actually contribute, and even be re-routed to matches that will encourage/guarantee challenge participation.


I support this.
But how would they do this?


They could have a temporary Challenge gamemode that you could play that would, in this case, force the support to be Bucket.


:smiley: we need this now.
Never again will I lose sleep and miss the mark


The server keeps count of the characters selected, so if a person leaves and the server recognizes that that particular character was not chosen then it would not count the leave as a disconnect and would reroute you to a different match.

This could also work and would probably be easier on the servers.