Challenge of the Weekend of the 5th of February


So, now that Thunderchild is active, the Poison Frog skin hiccup is fixed, and we’re heading into the weekend tomorrow evening, does anyone have any guesses what the challenge will be this weekend? Maybe that original idea for total Domes that TRS was going to do but had to make it Griffin-wins because of telemtry limitations? Do you think it’ll be another Monster based challenge since we still have no idea when/how they’re going to distribute the Wraith’s Harvest and Orca skins? Are we FINALLY gonna get another Hunter vs Monster challenge? What do you think?


This is what I want, so bad.


Kala VS Kraken- Banshee mine challenge would be cool!


Still waiting for what wraith harvest looks like


Wraith Abduct because Valentines day and abduct = hugs :smiley:


I remember seeing a pic that said the challenge rewards were Gorgon’s Voodoo skin, Caira’s Infinity skin, Maggie’s Infinity skin, and Infinity skins for the rest of the Medics and Trappers. Dunno if that was legit or not. But if it isn’t, I want to see at least one of these;
Harvest Wraith
Orca Wraith
Taurus Goliath (See Somewhat Awesome’s stream with two Goliaths on the thumbnail.)


No, that wasn’t real. It was Azmi wanting stuff.

I do want to see the Orca and Harvest skins, though.


those wraith skins. loved them. harvest more than orca though. nothing more dangerous than a brightly colored organism.

side note:
my computer knows that “Orc” is a word, but thinks “orca” isnt a word…

priorities much?


Ah. I’m thinking at least one of the skins will be in the store.


Calypso Kraken skin. Greatest skin in the store. Want the Harvest skin, too.


I think one of those wraith skins will be the next tourney reward after Neptune has run it’s course.

As for challenges, I hope they do something interesting now that Thunderchild is live.


yea same here.


After getting the game and seeing how fun it is at its core I decided I would buy some stuff to further support the dev. I bought the Calypso skin because it is awesome…even though I very rarely play Kraken. Also bought the clownfish wraith. They did a great job on that one too.

I would like a Behemoth skin this weekend. Maybe even Onyx. I’d like a shot at some golds or voodoo skins.


Well, the gold skins went up for challenge a while ago and I don’t think they’ll be back up again for a good bit. The Voodoo skins are something I’ve been wanting for a while. Don’t know when they’ll crop back up if TRS has any surplus they’ve never given out before.

We’ve also been asking for Behemoth skins for quite some time, but he actually has a number of them already in the store, so I don’t think we’ll get more for a while. Not before the Hunters and Gorgon, at least.


it’d be cool if they made a skin for behemoth where he looks like any ball… A football, perhaps, for the superbowl? or is the superbowl a baseball? idk im sorry! i dont know sports! #dontjudgeme


It’s Football, not Baseball. Though I care for neither, I watch for the Superbowl commercials.


YES! I must have these. That Orca skin is soo badass.


Taurus Goliath was the old tournament skin we probably won’t receive it :sob:


It was? Didn’t know that. I assumed it was new since I just saw it a few days ago on a video that was recently uploaded.


I want that orca skin but for goliath. I think it would look rad.