Challenge awarness idea


Ok so i think we are all aware of how unaware many evolve players are about these amazing challenges. This is especially true mostly towards console players like myself. I have noticed this with all the challenges and i can understand how easy it is to be unaware of these challenges if you dont go on these forums. I didnt even know about the gold skin challenge till it was almost over. I was just screwing around on the home screen and noticed it and i was all hyped and what not. From their i started looking int the forums and eventually made a user account here (btw this is the first forum i have every made an account for). so my idea was to have a short video appear when someone puts the game on. You start the game and once your at the main menu a short video promoting the weekend challenge. But maybe TRS doesnt have the time to make a promo video but even if you enhanced the news feed that would help, because i doubt anyone would look at some little square at the top left of their screen. Just an idea though, i feel like most players ignore it cuz they think it will say the same thing it always does rather than a fresh new challenge.


Or have a little notification system in the menu like team fortress 2, which would notify you of new challenges.


Going to move this over to feedback if that’s fine with you. And yeah I agree and also possible a progression bar would be good too.


Thats fine, i couldnt think of where to put this so i left it in general. Also a progression bar sounds like an amazing idea, it would keep the forums cleaner from “can we have an update” Post. What if it even had a top 10 contributers leaderboard? That would be sweet. :smile:


I could enjoy that and I think it would add more incentive.


A progression bar would lead to some extra motivation. That’s definitely a good idea.


Does anyone know if the devs have considered changing the newsfeed at all? I would love the feed to become more of a part of the game, since the community is the very lifeblood of it and makes it way more fun.


I don’t get how nobody knows about it. The first thing I do when I load the game is look at the news feed. It’s there for a reason.