Certain Masteries


I’m starting to really dislike a certain type of mastery and that would be helping a hunter who was incap. Hate this type of mastery so much. Now to two star Slim I have to use the drone to pick up fifty people! Ridiculous… Incap revive is also why I have yet to elite Maggie because I have to let Daisy revive people and the mastery seem so counter productive when you’re the medic. You don’t let people die when you’re the medic, unless you’re Lazarus. So can we please stop adding masteries like this to future hunters?


Play evac coop.

Most players there seem to struggle understanding basic gameplay mechanics.
You’ll find plenty of downed hunters and occasions to revive them. :wink:


I agree.
But if you dont wanna feel like you’re handicapping a team, just do solo defend, bots dont mind losing


It just encourages you to use your kit to revive them rather than running in during a potentially dangerous situation.
If you’re having trouble with it, I’d advise you have a custom game with these settings:

Colonists/Ebonstar as the map effect
Favours Monster

People will be constantly going down, plenty of rezzes available!


Perhaps this is the best place to ask how to level up Hank’s 3 star mastery.

It says something like prevent 17 teammates from getting incapped.

I have used Hank quite a bit and have prevented a lot of damage but still have 0 of 17.

Do you have to shield them when they are low on health while being attacked?


Just play rescue in solo mode. All those masteries go super fast, in my opinion and you’re not hurting your team in any way.


It requires you to shield them from an attack that otherwise would have downed/killed them.


Alright, thank you guys. Even though I hate leveling up masteries in solo mode because I feel like it’s a little cheap I think I’ll just do it.


Requirements for masteries should be based on mechanics of advanced play of that character, not arbitrary things. In fact, you should be able to get masteries without grinding for them, even the higher levels.


Think of it this way…you’d eventually get there by running regular games in the wild but why not do solo just to get it out of the way quicker so you can focus 100% on the battle at hand. That’s the way I see it anyway. It’s not really cheating, just getting there a little faster using bots to farm.


50 incaps!!!

Don’t worry. At least if you’re playing slim you should have plenty of downed hunter to pick up :wink:



God I love that gif… You always pull it out so nicely too.


quietly laughs at my own immaturity