Certain foliage are bulletproof


Just played a round on Wraith Trap where I have noticed that certain foliage doesn’t let bullets through.
I’ve been trying to shot an Elite Nomad with Val’s sniper rifle through this bush captured on the screenshot below.

I was standing in exact position as while taking the screen, nomad was on the other side of that bush.
No bullets went through it.
You can easily go through that bush, there is nothing obstructing your movement.

Before I saw that, I was experiencing really weird scenarios where I was trying to tranquillize monsters through some thin foliage but no effect was applied, I thought that I just missed somehow even though my crosshair was perfectly on the monster.

Is this intended, that foliage blocks bullets?


Shear branches and leaves are made of kevlar, didn’t you know?


Don’t think that this in intended lol…

Might explain why some of my tracer darts on Abe never actually hit the target…


Cabot doesn’t care.