After screwing around in some customs I have found a love for my favorite of Shear’s native creatures: the Cephalodons. They are so fun to watch as they swim around and lounge on the beach and eat glaciopods. However, I have noticed a stark lack of them in many maps; they are by far the rarest animal in the game outside of the Phantoms which are only in evac.

I propose a few of the following:

  • A new map, more watery than the current ones, filled with many Cephalodons.
  • A new gamemode, perhaps containing Cephalodons.
  • A new hunter with a pet cephalodon like daisy. Perhaps an assault character, that would be cool.

So please, let me know what you guys think can be done to increase the number of cephalodons.


I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more cephalodon.

I would love to see more Cephalodons, theyre awesome :3


I think they’re only on Aviary, Medlab, and Distillery, so yeah huge lack of them. And fun fact, they’re that only non 4-meat wildlife that can’t be pounced. (unless you want to count Glaciopods)


And when they’re on a map there’s like 2-3 of them except Distillery where there’s like 5-7


You can pounce Glaciopods


They’re the ones that poop the crystals are you sure?


Yep and yep


Well then proves my point even more.


You can pounce them, but they die so quickly it’s not really a pounce. More if stepping on them. :confused:


Lol yep, and they explode, kinda sad :confused:



What I think is sad is how few monsters are aware that galciopods poop food lol


I avoid their poop at all times, for some unholy reason every single time I eat glaciopod “stuff”
Carrion birds.
Instant carrion birds -.-
Drives me nuts…


Those Carrion Birds want that meal.


lol, doesn’t happen to me that often, but I always question why birds would be interested in eating crap XD


But why, its poop


That’s why you always eat in caves on distillery.


Same, its just…birds >_>


My favorite thing to do.


It’s so annoying, every time I wanna play sneak, I immediately get birds. X_X