Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


so 320 yeah that would work


i had a original abitlity involving a bite that would have worked like abduction and such but then he would have 2


If you would like to change out an ability for bite that’s fine. I’m just giving you ideas, it’s still your monster

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i now know what TRS goes through creating these things. :sweat:


A little over 4times the plasma lance range (no mastery)

twice the range of the lightning guns but three times the range of the flamethrower


i say make it a bubble like aftershock in all direction the closer hunters are to the monster the more damage they take maybe for the tail attack he could have a long slender tail and you target a hunter And he shoves his tail into the ground and it comes up through the ground and grabs the hunter then pulls it to him


Do you think that is just the right range for the Barrage?


But it only goes after one correct?

Wouldn’t that be pulling them through the ground back to him?


no i mean he shoves his tail under the ground so the hunters dont know where it is going to come up then when it grap his whole tail will pull up through the ground when he pulls them in and lnow spike would fly in all directions barrage can be a different ability that is used like torvalds mortar cannons and effects an erea the spikes exploding off him is an idea i had as a seperate ability


Maybe a worm monster that is just deformed, and may have a large set of mandibles that resemble a stab beetle’s pincers.


Killing scream, a shriek that stuns and damages hunters.
Death roll, the monster rolls at anything in front of it.
Acid sacs, the sacs in the creature burst open, oozing out blood like acid.
Dirt arena, the monster makes a arena around its surroundings, mocking the hunters ain’t he?

Traversal: Burrow.

I can’t think of a name, but one day I will.


I find it weird how they made the kraken the air monster even though he is named after the underwater sea monster



Diglett The Deadinator


Kaiju Name: Waddles
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years (3,000,000,000 years our time)
Iconic Sound/Roar: MLG Air horn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i6rFjNQUwE)
Appearance: An adorable,fat and tan pug with a green turtle shell and air horns on swivel joints duct taped to the shell Height: 25 ft
Length: 60 ft
Element Associated with it: Cuddles, Air/Gas, and Sound
Main Attack Ability: Sonic Air Horn Wave
Secondary Attack/Special Ability: Waddle Tackle
Third Attack/Special Ability: Fart Gas
Last Ditch Effort/Secret Ability: Fart-Air horn overload (strength of a Hydrogen Bomb)
Traversal/Movement Ability: Air horn jet pack (works underwater and the air horns turn backwards toward his tail and plays Air Horn Darude Sandstorm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3soBhydqY)
Secondary Traversal/Movement Ability: Waddling (Main Movement)
Escape Tactic: Makes his enemies temporally deaf with his air horns and waddles away
Special Powers: Poops Donuts
Personality: He is derpy, clumsy, and stumbles over buildings
How the Idea Started: I thought that if I would be a Kaiji, this is what I would be.
Back Story: A meteor crashed to earth back when the dinosaurs existed and out came Waddles and he survived on donuts. (He met a guy and the guy found out how to make donuts from Waddles)
Worst Enemy:N/A
Goal in Life: Eat literally tons of donuts and bring MLG joy to the world
Preferred Food Source: DONUTS!!!
Manner of Feeding: Eating with his mouth


hm? what you think that the Kraken’s name shoulda been Harpy or something?


I beleive they call him Kraken bcuz when he is flying he looks like a giant cephelapod moving through the airjust my thinking like maybe when they designed him originally he didnt have all the tentacles just the whips but they thought hey he kinda looks like a squid or octopus when he is flying and bam just like that kraken was born



I still think they should do a “Monstrous Kala” variant even if it is unsupported by Lore.
Just throw it into the character grid so people can choose it like in a fighting game. :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! That would be a perfect plant-based monster!


It would work with the lore because Caira already said that the monsters communicate on a cellular level, and she is worried what variation they could come up with now that she has introduced human dna to them. We can only hope though, im with u all the way. I would like its abilities to mirror the hunters clas abilities and do tons of melee damage.