Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


i say remove the spike armor ability and have it as a passive constantly and the monster can just run into the hunters like behemoths roll just have him covered in razor sharp spines that grow larger and more leathal every time he stages up i think a descent ability would be he shoots out a barage out poisoned spines over an area like torvalds mortar cannons i would also like to she razor sharp spikes on his arms like barakas from mortal kombat that he uses for melee combat. he could roll into a ball lie goliaths charge and roll at hunters doin damage to anything he hits only it has a duration instead of activating and he rolls in that direction u activat and if u hit a hunter and want to chage direction u can stop and change directin for the duration of the ability.


I like that a lot more actually

@AlbinoGoliath I don’t think so


I’m going have to rework him a little bit now


Ah a male monster. Well I hope all goes well!


I made his armor color black but I might have to change that or the color of his spikes


His armor color glows black and he can have metallic grey spikes?


he also has 3 eyes and his teeth are sharp a lot I was thinking his heavy could be a bite


As long as he doesn’t have a creepy smile


I’m calling him a he right now because he dosent have a name right now.
the tail stab is like a auto lock on to anyone in a 10 meter range and it does slightly less then a goliath rock throw


I think it’s should act like the tongue grab mixed with abduction. It impales then “damage” while pulling them to you.

Just remember I said “I think”


so increase the range but make you have 2 aim?
his chest is full of spikes and he has claws growing in between his claws


Correct. No one wants a monster that not based on skill :wink:

This creature is a full nightmare


not sure what to replace for the armor though I have the barrage, tail stab and spike impale


What about the Spike Trap idea?


I don’t think I want that if we cant come up with something else.
but for the barrage he would do 112 for each spike and the maximum spikes thrown out of him are 24 and hunters have 1600 health but they do fly everywhere so a huge chance very little will hit


Depends on the radius it’s fired around, we would want it big so Hunters are at least hit by it but not too small where too many spikes hit. Also would need a slow movement speed for them.

What are you thinking it’ll shoot out like? A circle or square or something else?


I was the it would fly pretty much any direction the meter radius would probably be 45.
I might change it to 30 spikes


@The_Mastermind How big is 45 meters in game?


right now the sword stab does 160 not sure if that’s too little or too much


Well if Hunters have 1600 Health and that does 160 DP per strike. I think that’s good enough

What if we doubled the damage making Impale a deadly attack where it deals damage stabbing in and then dealing another 160 DP ripping out?