Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


I think it would awesome to have a monster that is like a cougar/panther/tiger and has similar attacking styles, wide adorable eyes and can make cat sounds. Stalks the same and we should also get freecam in spectating mode, so we fill youtube with adorable monster cat videos and everyone will be satisfied Share Gif: http://media2.giphy.com/media/yoJC2KnYJqPdUU3sPe/200w.gif


This is an old one of mine, that I’m going to repost here

An enormous arthopod serpent monster, Scylla is the backbone of the monster’s presence in shear’s depths. When on land, Scylla holds herself up on two legs using two Spring loaded bashing arms in combat. When in the sea, Scylla propels herself with a paddle shaped tail

Scylla is a burrowing beast. Capable of digging into sediment to hide and bypass obstacles that may be unclimable. She has higher damage resistance when not moving and only her eyes stick out of her tunnel. She has 5 movement charges and they do not regenerate underground.


Air Blast: Scylla hits her arms together, creating a powerful attack in a straight line. Base damage dealer

Fastball Special: Grab a hunter and then aim them at either a wall or another hunter. Less damage is done if they hit and another hunter, but damage is done to 2 people. You can also be a dick and throw mammoth birds at them. Or Blitzers/Venomhounds.

Riptide: Launch a wave that deals knockback damage, that then comes back and pushes hunters towards Scylla unless they can get out of the way.

Numbness: Pricking a hunter with her Poisonous tongue, the hunter’s health bar no longer changes depending on his/her health for the hunters (Monster still see’s changes). This means she/he may not register damage taken and keep fighting even though his/her health is critically low. Unsure about this one


The head is in the shape of a hammerhead shark, but it’s insectoid and has compound eyes.

The Arms belong to a mantis shrimp. She has 4. Two club like smashers and 2 arms for locomotion.

The body is akin to a bobbit worm. The Tail is shaped like a paddle.


Alright, I’m going to assume this thread isn’t dead and post this here. Apologies for the shoddy quality; I don’t know how to make my printer scan pencil other than to just darken stuff and I fail at art. Ignore the abilities on the side of the image; most are terrible, but I like the idea of being able to erupt a pillar from the ground and have it explode. Beyond that, this monster could be some sort of healer; being sorta plant-based. Sorry if Spectre (I wrote his name in the pic, but it’s hard to read) looks too much like Wraith; I just based him off of an idea I had in a dream. I tried to replicate that here. The things on his back are tentacles, in case you couldn’t read the text.


I like what you did with the monster “Spectre”

But if you have a phone take a picture upload it and then put it here
If not use a camera


@evolvinman Alright, here.

Also, since a burrowing monster could be cool:

The idea behind this guy is that he’d be not so much of a sneaky-sneak as Wraith, but more of a traditional ambush predator. I don’t know if the burrowing would be best used as his “jump” ability, his sneak, or one of his 4 abilities. The pincers are just a homage to Scorpid. Again, not sure what abilities he should have. Anyone who can come up with something good can reply with ideas.
Also–and this may very well be the worst monster idea in history, but hear me out–what if there was a team of 4 monsters, something like a hunter team, to accommodate for when too many people want to be the monster at one time?


Very cool indeed, I gave up on trying to create more monsters lol




To help the hunters in the fight against monsters, and to stop them from spreading further, Nordita sent in giant mechanized war machines to Shear. These robots were designed observe the monster’s behavior, collect raw materials from wildlife and rebuild themselves into more powerful machines, that follow those same behaviors to counter the monsters. The problem was, since they were rushed to be built, their design was flawed, and they “evolved” to have the same agressiveness as monsters by observing their behavior. This made them turn their focus away from the monsters, and towards the colonists.


  1. Homing Rockets - Will lock on to any hunter within a certain distance in front of him, and fire a barrage of low damaging missiles. These are best used on the entire team, since for every teammate another barrage is sent out. This can be dodged by moving behind objects.

  2. Spiral - Droid’s arms and legs connect, and are boosted to make a fan effect that makes him move faster and damage anyone he hits. Has high knockback.

  3. Glitch - Droid starts punching extremely fast, and his punches stun hunters, but wont knock them back. To escape, you need to perfectly time a boost while he takes gaps in punches.

  4. Lunge - Droid lunges forward, and anyone within his range will be grabbed and thrown forward, dealing damage and pushing them further away. If all 4 hunters are inside of the lunge range, he will still be able to grab and throw all four hunters. This is mainly a knockback move, like vortex.

Traversal: Thrust - Droid will have a single bar of traversal energy, like Behemoth, and will activate his thruster pack which will boost him significantly. If he aproaches a cliff while boosted, he will automatically boost up it, at a diagonal angle.


I’m not sure a robot works in this context unless we say the monster itself is, for example, an amorphous blob that took over machinery. Other than that, it sounds fine.


My idea of a monster is and ice hound,the creature is blind but sees through heat making slims spore cannon useless,has and wolf/fox features,icy spikes,a big mane and a huge maw

1-freeze breath:Spits and ultra cold fluid capable of freezing the hunters
2-cryo bombs/mist-This bombs are similar to the kraken’s ords they freeze on contact and damages machines and sistems great for creating traps or make them explode to create mist that helps you escape or making your abilities more effective
3-Alpha call-Calls a small group of 3-5 minor hounds to help you,can be use for escaping while they fight or fighting the hunters.
4-ice over shield:The creature creates and icy cover making him slower and stronger against heavy and normal attacks


No character should ever have an ability made useless. Less effective, sure, but not useless.[quote=“The_Hunter, post:111, topic:41179”]
1-freeze breath:Spits and ultra cold fluid capable of freezing the hunters

Like, just stopping them in place? That would be so frustrating.

First, dafuq is an ord? Second, damaging machinery doesn’t come into play a lot.

Please tell me these aren’t run by AI.

There are no “heavy” or “normal” attacks. Some hunters just do more damage than others; it’s why the Assault class is a thing. I like the idea of a temporary damage reduction buff, but unless it adds to damage, I vote “nay.”

Also, we cant have mammalian monsters.


All ideas are a great idea, sure it’s OP but maybe he wants it to be; TRS will most likely not take this monster but if they do they heavily nerf it. Please don’t put him down for a cool idea he has.


I’m not. I’m just offering constructive criticism. I assumed he was willing to receive it, as he posted it on a public website where most anyone can comment on things. And it’s not OP. It’s a nightmare to think about because of the AI. Decoy flashbacks


Monster and hunter suggestions, part 1:

Trapper: Hood
Female, wearing long dark green cloak, young, war veteran.

Weapon: Precision rifle
Basically a futuristic looking SRR-61.
Dead accurate, could headshot a monster from across a small map ( large if you’re MLG)
Ability 1: Sparrow drone
Tiny, globular drone with wings (basically bucket’s sentry gun if it was a quidditch) lets out loud, bird-like whistle and highlights the monster when found.
Ability 2: Disruption Field
Wrist worn device that puts the monster in slow motion, looks a little like a blue damage amp laser

Support: Chang
Young-ish spiky hair, outgoing personality, engineer born on Shear

Weapon: Laser Rifle
Looks a small bit like an SVG-100 from Black Ops 3

Ability 1: Damage suppressor
Small, pistol-like beam team weapon, emits deep green, smoky Ray that drastically reduced the monster’s damage

Ability 2: Rift mine
Chang throws two small portal-like objects in different directions ( holy crap my fingers hurt) cannot be destroyed, can only be used once before cooldown. When an ally steps on it, they will be teleported to the adjacent mine.

All for now, getting carpal tunnel from all this typing. Checking back in tomorrow to finish!


Monster and hunter suggestions, part 2

Assault: Athena

Huge, female Rank-Rajat war machine. Bionic.

Weapon: energy cannon
Integrated laser cannon, beam looks like the EM1 from advanced warfare

Ability 1: swarm missiles
Over-the-shoulder rocket pod fires a cluster of lock on missiles, doing extreme damage on contact

Ability 2: Overcharge
Laser cannon transforms to make a bigger, better lase, jetpack recharges faster, swarm missiles lock on/move faster, do more damage; costs a small amount of jetpack fuel

Medic: Kieran

Irish, wearing white cloak/robes, has a plague era doctor’s mask, friendly

Weapon: bow
Futuristic looking bow that fires explosive arrows (explode on contact, no beep beep bullshit)

Ability 1: beacon arrow
Kind of obvious, arrow that sticks onto monster and tracks it for a short while

Ability 2: healing tower
Floating Tesla coil-esque drone, can heal multiple teammates at once

Done for now, will continue tomorrow!


Monster and hunter suggestions, part 3

Monster: Echidna

Giant snake monster.
Large, course bristles behind head; long, pronged whips sticking out of shoulders (try to imagine Dr octopus’s claws, but smaller)
Rattle at the end of tail that goes off when pouncing/using ability

Ability 1: Venom spray
Pretty obvious. Pushes hunters back and poisons them.

Ability 2: Energy charge
Whips charge large ball of energy, huge explosion on impact

Ability 3: energy wall
Summons wall of pure energy, acting as temporary shield. Damage is doubled during use.

Ability 4: Lightning volley
Echidna holds her whips low, and fires out small balls of energy in rapid succession. The balls are like kraken’s ranged attack.

Okay, finished up!



i Would like to c a monster that uses soundwaves as its abilities and main source of damage
i think they should use this original monster concept idea as a base i think he would work great for it


Suggested name: Yeti

Unique trait: monsters abilities produce extreme cold, limiting hunters movement.

Ability 1: Ice blast : Monster fires an icy burst of air forward, inflicting damage to enemies within the radius of the blast, similar to krakken vortex. And temporarily slowing movement speed of enemies for a few seconds.

Ability 2: ice spit: Monster spits icy material toward chosen area, inflicting damage(kinda like Goliath rock throw), and also freezes an enemy in place( if hit directly) for a few seconds, or until broken free.

Ability 3: ice ridge: Monster erects a wall of ice similar to behemoth, however directed forward from its immediate position rather than sideways or around, following a similar pattern as behemoths fissure ability. Lasting about the same as rock wall, causes damage if caught in the blast and creates an obstacle for hunters.

Ability 4: ice storm: monster creates a temporary localized ice storm.Covering surrounding area in snow, slowing the movement of hunters, and doing minimal damage over time To enemies within affected area.

Traversal: monster uses ice to move about, propelling itself forward, (leap) or freezing the ground upfront of it to glide over(skate). At high speed until stamina is depketed. One of the two.


Suggested name: mutant.

Primary characteristic: Monster is able to transform and change apperence slightly with each cooldown.

Ability one: Monster Transforms into a heavily armored form, reducing the damage it sustains and temporarily regenerating armor faster

Ability two: Monster transforms into a more savage form, (large claws, fangs etc.) During which the monster deals increased melee damage and attacks a bit faster than normal form.

Ability 3: monster transforms into a flight form, during which the monster can fly( similar to Krakken) and attacks become long range. Acid spit or something along the lines of krakken airborne melee.

Ability 4: Monster transforms skin to reflect light, becoming harder to see for a few seconds, sufficient damage can cancel the effect, and sneaking is not possible during the effect.

Traversal: monster transforms into an agile form, allowing it to run at high speed until stamina is depleted. Like behemoth.


Monster name: Leviathan

Characteristics: serpent like monster, six legs, can stand upright but moves by crawling. Traversal is land based but can sprint at incredible speeds for a short time. This monster utilises water beds located in each map to its advantage. This monster gains more of an advantage depending on how much water can be found on a map. Similar to air space for kraken or caves for behemoth. Leviathan can absorb a certain amount of water from a water bed to use to augment its abilities and increase their potency. Leviathan can store up to 4 water charges for each ability or to be used on one ability. Leviathan absorbs water similar to how a monster eats a corpse. Leviathan absorbs water through holes in its legs. Leviathan melee attacks by using its barbed tail and front legs

Ability 1: Water pod - traps a hunter in a bubble of water for a short duration. Hunter can be freed by teammates. Can be used to cut a hunter from a group or as a temporary distraction. Water augmentation - hunter is trapped for longer and receives damage over time. Cool down timer (10 seconds)

Ability 2: dive - Leviathan covers a designated area on the ground in water, this allows leviathan to dive beneath the ground and use this to its advantage in combat, or sneak attack an unsuspecting hunter. Duration is infinite outside of combat but a timer is set during combat. Water augmentation - leviathan can pull a hunter beneath the ground to deal damage over time before the timer runs out. Cool down timer (20 seconds)

Ability 3: whiplash - Leviathan unleashes a hidden spiked tendril from its torso to deal heavy damage to a single hunter up close, or from afar. Water augmentation - damage of whiplash is reduced but a damage over time effect is added to the initial strike of whiplash. Cool down timer (8 seconds)

Ability 4: barrage - leviathan marks a designated area on the ground to be hit by a barrage of powerful water pellets, duration and number of pellets is increased through upgrading. Water augmentation - this ability becomes more powerful the more water charges are stored. Cool down timer (18 seconds)