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4 abilitys
Home Factor Overruned & Frozen Nest Ground’s.
Name Project Medusa
Elite Skin Make’s Her Gold Oddly.
Family Geneticly Enhanced Insect Lifeform.
Size S1 it’s 40 ft then S2 60ft then big S3 is 80ft.
Able to fly and has enahanced range of smell by 200 % and has a stamina meter like behemoth.
She is the biggest & baddest monster to face having 2X as much health as goliath and
Armor meter like behemoth but plus 4 bars,could you kill her and she has 3 claws and 3 toe feet followed up by a sacular rear and head antanna’s and a medium armored back with bug wings and is thin but well structured,it has killed over 60 hunters.eyes like a spider and a hinged jaw with many teeth kinda like a snake & behemoth jawline mix and she is ruthless and looks part insect dragon mix.

Spawn Minion the queen would randomly spawn a S1 behemoth,kraken,wraith or goliath and this has a long cooldown time but she lays an egg and hatche’s it from her sacular rear.

Infest is where it lays Mutated insect like spiders in a Corpse’s body and when hunters get close the 4 bugs pop out and attack the hunters up to 5 can be placed kinda like the host’s attack & whatever damage they do to hunters or wildlife heals the monster a little.

Acid Net it like behemoth rears up but spits a acidic web in a net shape entangling prey or a hunter the key is another hunter must free you or you’ll die permanently,its useful.

Skull Cracker the monster pound the surface of shear sending 4 random rows of earth spikes in
Two directions meaning 2 rows left & 2 rows right this if hits deals alotta damage and can climb surface’s and has a very long range.

Tell me what you guys would like to see!


Not bad. But it looks like TRS prefer to keep their monsters somewhat humanoid, so do you have any suggestion how it would look? :smile:

This pic is relevant!





I was thinking so aswell, but with which thread?
I couldn’t find a thread it would fit in…


Any of the massive “Monster Idea Compilation” threads. There’s quite a few of them.


The only one that is pinned is this one:

I guess it would work, reading a bit more into it.


There ya go.


Got another 1!

this is also what the community has ben asking for, for a while now too. I am the courier, I will now deliver EXCELLENCE!!


Try making a monster pterodactyl bird called Gargoyle It has a razor sharp beak with can help it out more when it evolves scales that become increasingly strong for a period of time until the ability maxes it stays permanent and faster to recharge scales that can break off like jagged rocks flying at any thing around it and it can cover itself with an ability covering its skin to turn color like rocks or trees or large plants it wings cover over the entire body allowing it to ambush a group of hunters the first to shoot to see you, Or the last to pass your disguise and its main design is where its almost skeletal but not zombie like more like grey cracked rock skin and you can many of its bones and some muscle to it but not a lot, tons, or even a small amount More like a thread and it gains three finger as it reaches max evolve or final stage on the top of its wings to slash away rather than use its third ability to snatch hunters and fly for a period of time like kraken but then drops the hunter high up from a tree and can release a shriek that can send of birds in other directions or disrupt any sight at prey or hunters ang can turn them to stone when the ability is fully maxed with 4 points please make this a monster that’s DLC or at least a possible candidate for being one please show this to more people that are high up if you like I would like to know very much and be in many thanksif you do.

What monster would you like to see

hunter monster suggestion here


I have a new thread called Meet the new monster called Attila. I’ll have a link so everyone can view my idea if I can figure out how to do this.


I dunno why, but as I late I REALLY want a monster that can talk/taunt back to the hunters when in battle. That just seems really baller, and would get me hype. :smiley:


just a thought nut could this be a secret hint to the next monster

they havnt done a monster with a face like it and there isnt any wildlife either what do u guys think?


Hmmm that’s the patch for a planet tamer and while the lore states this isn’t the first time that humans have seen mosters I think it might be pushing it to say the guild was founded on fighting monsters

But u never know


True im not saying they were founded on it i was just thining maybe its like a little easter egg it could be the first monster they encountered not goliath but like u said maybe, maybe not only time will tell.


This would go Under other

A monster i would like to see would be a Dragon like creature that has 4 individual wings like a Dragonfly kinda like those flying creatures from avatar.


Please go to my monster idea topic whaer I tell my monster idea and please put it in the game


My official monster idea:
The plains of Shear have have not realized what it has developed the killer parasite Kiss. The parasite has been developing ever since the blood of Goliath dripped onto the ground and now from that the hunters will have to face a monster of infection.

1st ability: puppet (9 sec)
Control a dead vessel /hunter/wildlife. You cut through the stomach and control the vessel from the inside.

2nd ability: infestation (7 sec )
Shoot a parasitic tendril out of your mouth and infest a creature with your eggs and grow your own parasites to help you.

3rd ability: mars gas (10 sec)
Spores open on the parasites back and release a gas that paralyzes the hunters for 5.5 seconds.

Final ability: parasitic acid (180 sec.)
You spray an acid that poisons the hunters for a long period of time and plants a parasite into the hunter causing him to go down.

1st stage

2nd stage

3rd stage


Looks like a necromorph from dead space with stage 3


I would love to see an ice monster that could freeze things. Or a monster that could fly like Kracken but with actual wings. OR a monster that could burrough underground like a giant worm. I know they already tried making the last one for the original/second monster and it didn’t work out bc of the way it traversed the maps but it would still be amazing.