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Okay, so we got a lot of fire on the current monsters. I think we’re missing some snow.

I think it would be cool, if we had an ice monster. Not sure about the shape yet. Maybe a Yeti-like creature or something human-like but frozen. Some horns? Maybe even an ice queen? Sexy but cold as ice.

Does anybody here know Little Fighter 2? I admit that the first two abilities are taken from the character “Freeze” from the game. But I think they would be pretty cool and totally different than the existing ones.

- Frost burst: A little like the Behemoth’s Fissure but with ice. It casts some small icebergs in the direction you’re aiming. Any hunter that is hit, gets a little bit of damage and is frosted until the ice melts (5 seconds?) or until the ice is broken by you or another hunter. While frozen the hunter cannot be damaged but it gives you the ability to incap a hunter for a short period of time.
- Blizzard: The monster casts a snow storm that throws all hunters that get caught in it in different directions. Optimal ability to scatter the hunters and then finish them one by one.
- Ice/Snow ground: An area-of-denial attack. Cast ice or snow on the terrain that affects the way the hunters can move. In snow the hunters are a lot slower. On ice the hunters slid around. So they cannot really change direction or stop once they’re in motion. All in all they are easy targets for the monster. Maybe being on that area does constant damage to creatures (frost bites?). Or maybe the monster is more powerful on frozen ground?

  • Okay these are three defensive attacks to keep the hunters at bay. So we need a few damaging attacks or something we can combine. Especially we need attacks to kill wildlife quickly. Like, I don’t know:
    - Lightning: Small lightning strikes to all hunters in the air nearby? A great counter attack to jetpacking hunters :wink:
    - Ice spikes from the ground?
    - A giant snowball that gets bigger the farer it gets? Just like an avalanche :smiley:

I think I’d go for:

  1. Frost burst
  2. Blizzard or Icy ground
  3. Ice spikes
  4. Avalanche (just because it would be super awesome)

An ice monster would definitively be super awesome and totally different to play.


Hey there! I am going to move your post over to the Monster Suggestion thread.



Name: Excavator

Special travel method:
Underground- Instead of jumping, flying, etc. the Excavator goes underground and moves faster underground than it would if it was above ground.

Encasing- Long range attack that puts enemies under a small rock so they cannot attack for five seconds
Shield- When under attack you can pull up a rock shield for a few moments to hide from the attack.
Earthquake- The Excavator hits the ground and a crack opens up in the ground engulfing hunters in its path.
Landslide- A medium range attack that has the monster puts an arm in the dirt and pushes a lump of rock/dirt towards the hunters.

Smaller than most of the monsters, resembles a mole.


I wish, it’s already been discussed somewhere and the devs said something about underground travel being not possible.


really, that sucks cause I feel like that would be a really cool idea


Excavator makes me think of a dune beetle for some reason.


It is actually more of a character concept design than a simple idea. The thread was supposed to introduce new tier 4 Hunters as well, but is ruled out in order to adjust the text length. It’ll come out soon.
For those who don’t like reading a long text, please read the summaries and skip the detail explanations (damage output, key input explanation etc).

Ethereal (Monster)

Name : Ethereal
Gender : Neutral

Concept Art :

Floating gray crystal body, black energy that has a form of brain.
As it gains armor, crystal body turns into purple, and brain emits orange light.

Combat Capabilities
Health, Armor

  • Stage 1 : 5 Health segments, 10 Armor segments
  • Stage 2 : 8 Health segments, 10 Armor segments
  • Stage 3 : 11 Health segments,10 Armor segments

Traversal Ability : Teleport
Ethereal’s body is consisted of mind energy, allowing itself to move to desired location in a blink. Through walls.

  • Active
  • Hold Space Bar key to initiate Teleport location planning. A dotting line will appear and inform the player if the Teleport is possible, by changing the line’s color to blue. It it is impossible, the color will change to red. Once the Teleport is initiated, there is no turning back.
  • Release Space Bar key to Teleport.
  • Visual effect and sound effect occur at teleportation starting location and destination.
  • Can move through walls and ceilings.
  • 3 Teleport charges system, charge regenerates over time.
  • 30% shorter move distance than Goliath’s Leap. Move speed is identical to Wraith’s Warp.
  • Dotting-line does not leave tracks, but teleportation starting location and destination leave special tracks that can be distincted from footprints.

Abilities Summary
Ability 1 : Mind Control
Dominate a lifeform’s mind, allowing Ethereal to control its body for a set amount of time. Requires line of sight and lock-on targeting time.

Ability 2 : Brain Thrust
Consecutively emit 5 fan-shaped waves of stress brainwave that can damage targets through Shield.

Ability 3 : Revengful Javelin
Launch a crystal javelin consisted of telekinetic and psionic energy that can deal long-range damage. Damage Ethereal received during preparation and aim animation increases damage output.

Ability 4 : Illusive Mist
Emit a hallucinative mist centered on Etheral that conceals its appearance when it is inside the mist, while Hunters inside not only receive damage but also will see 3 decoy that copy Ethereal’s movements.

Abilites Explanation
Ability 1 : Mind Control

  • Active
  • Press number 1 key to go to Mind Control Mode. Cannot do anything except moving camera during Mind Control Mode.
  • Requires line of sight to lock-on. Put the crosshair at the desired target for 2.25 seconds to complete lock-on. If Ethereal receives damage during lock-on process, the timer resets to 0. Press LMB to dominate a locked-on target’s mind, or press RMB to cancel lock-on, allowing Ethereal to select another target. Press number 1 key to cancel Mind Control Mode. This does not trigger cooldown, provided Ethereal hasn’t mind-controlled a target yet.
  • Can control a target for (4.5 / 6 / 8) seconds, and simultaneously deal (15 / 20 / 27)% HP damage over duration time.
  • Ethereal player gains access to a wildlife’s movement control and attack ability, or a Hunter’s movement control, loadout, and ping function. Mind-controlled Hunter player loses character’s movement control, loadout, ping function, text chat and mike chat function. Mind-controlled target does not show any indication of being mind-controlled.
  • If Ethereal receives more than 0.7 segments of Armor damage during Mind Control, the ability is immediately canceled and cooldown is initiated.
  • Mind Control is inaudible, but visible.
  • 12.5 seconds cooldown.
  • Cannot be used while in mid-air.

Ability 2 : Brain Thrust

  • Hitscan
  • 0.75 seconds preparation time.
  • Can move camera and position (- 50% top speed penalty) while using.
  • Deals (2.5 / 3.3 / 4.4) % HP damage per wave. Rate of fire is 240 waves per minute. Emits total 5 fan-shaped waves at a single ability use.
  • 120 fan degrees.
  • (15 / 20 / 27) m fan radius.
  • 13.5 seconds cooldown.
  • Negates Shield.
  • Cannot do anything except moving camera and position during Brain Thrust.
  • Cannot be used while in mid-air.

Ability 3 : Revengful Javelin

  • Projectile (100m / 0.5s)
  • 0.5 seconds preparation time.
  • Can move camera and position (- 70% top speed penalty) after preparation.
  • Deals (20 / 26 / 35)% HP damage per shot. Rate of fire is not available since it is a single shot ability.
  • Damage everything that is in the javelin’s trajectory.
  • 2 segments of Armor damage on Ethereal increases damage output by 33% (example : 20% x 1.33 = 26.6%). The damage bonus stacks max 3 times.
  • 4m javelin width.
  • 15m javelin length.
  • 5m javelin max range.
  • 15 seconds cooldown.
  • Can be used while in mid-air, slightly respects gravity during preparation and aiming.

Ability 4 : Illusive Mist

  • Active
  • 0.35 seconds preparation time.
  • Emits a hallucinative mist centered on Ethereal that conceals its appearance only when it is inside the mist. 100% invisibility is granted, but Ethereal flickers for 0.35 seconds if it receives any form of damage.
  • 100% Illusive Mist density. Density reduced to 75% for Hunters inside the mist.
  • Deals (1 / 1.33 / 1.69)% HP damage over 1 second to all wildlifes and enemy units inside the mist.
  • Hunters inside the mist will see 3 decoys that copy Ethereal’s movements but deal no damage and cannot knockback them. Each decoy flickers white for 0.5 seconds if receives any form of damage. Decoys have infinite HP, but die with the mist.
  • (8 / 10.64 / 14.15) seconds mist duration.
  • 12.5m mist radius.
  • Can be used while in mid-air, slightly respects gravity during preparation.

Thank you for reading!
Please leave your thoughts on the idea and please press the heart button if you like it. It not only encourages me a lot, but also can be a measurement to recognize how much potential the idea has.

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I like the concept but I think monsters should be scary, this almost looks supernatural in a good way, not scary. If this was coming at me at stage 3 I would be thinking “how pretty is that!”


Calling in someone to merge this, idk who the main merging authority is so…

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I was actually considering if I should describe its appearance terrifying, like the other Monsters. But I decided to express its image based on the concept ‘awed existence’. Omniscience and omnipotent creature that nobody but itself can understand its strength and mind.


Sooo it’s essentially a god…


In Shear. So the Hunters should prepare themselves well if they want to win.


I think it would be cool to have a monster that instead of flying, uses the trees and walls in some way. Maybe it could stick to them for long periods of time and jump between them all, any vertical surface really. Maybe even have makeshift wings at it’s side like a flying squirrel so it could escape combat by jumping onto a wall/tree and than gliding away rather than flying. You could make it a smaller sized monster so that it can fit onto individual trees, or hide on a big flat wall while the hunters walk right by him due to some type of active camouflage while the monster is still on a surface. You could make it a monster that uses poisons as well, I imagine the smaller monster darting between trees shooting poison “things” and setting poison traps along the ground between trees and walls for the hunters to walk through. Obviously these are just ideas, but I think they sound cool, what do you guys think?!

P.s. This is the first time I’ve ever participated in a forum, ever. So please excuse me if i’ve posted in the wrong place. :blush:


Proteus is a female water monster (look it up if needed) but this is my version.

Proteus is a water type monster that uses powerful attacks and less defense.

Her legs were torn off by tyrant and so it uses a whirlpool as a traversal movement.

She has 4 arms with razor sharp claws and muscles are super strong to climb up walls.

A slim like stomach but not like wraiths and a really weird head that i don’t know how to explain.

1: Water strike- A massive water strike that takes a couple seconds to strike. This cause X damage and X radius in diameter

2: Wash back- Knocks backs hunter X feet and causes X damage

3: Vaporized- This will turn you invisible for X seconds and you can not turn invisible when attacked, in hunters line of sigh, or you attacking.

4: Aqua burst- When carefully aimed this can cause a hunter to fly straight in the sky for an easy target. Causes X damage and X radius.

Traversal movement: when i said it has a whirlpool for legs well this traversal will speed up the whirlpool making you go faster and like behemoths continuous meter well you might get it.

If you feel like something feels overpowered, too weak, or wanting to fill those X’s in please leave these in the comments. All i love to do is create monsters so please feel free to give ideas.


As cool as an idea as that sounds TRS has said they wont be doing water based underground or spiders. Spiders in peticular because they arent very customizable to the point that they would fit in and they dont allow for alot of creativity. But like i said as much as i would like to see these as well they already decided no go but hey i say anyone who wants keep pushing maybe they will cave and give us what we want i mean they gave the hunters what they wanted with wraith nerfing her speed i have to learn to reuse cause she cant move around the feild like she should i mean if she is not going to have some speed then she needs more armor. anyway i veered of subject but anyway keep suggesting and maybe with hope it will come to see the light of day.


I would like to see maybe another game mode where its smaller rosster of monsters that could be a team of monsters against a team of hunters. Like the trapjaws only several different kinds of monsters that would work together to take down the hunters. Or the ability to have a big map with 2 monsters say kraken and wraith vs 2 teams of hunters.


Well, time to post my absolute favorite idea for a monster I came up with!

Behold, the pale horse!

Armor Bars: 7
Health Bars: 5 Stage 1 - 7 Stage 2 - 11 Stage 3
Glow Color: Pale Green
Across the face of the earth, man has feared the touch of Death for eons. In cultures around the world, spanning eons, the grim figure has carried his wicked scythe and reaped the souls of men, a rider upon a pale horse. Named after the fourth horseman’s steed itself, Pestilence is a terrifying beast to bring it’s blight to Shear. Carrying plague and pestilence abroad, Cabot’s team shall learn to fear death.

Traversal - Etheral Spirit: Pestilence becomes intangible, able to phase through objects using the same coding as Cabot’s rail gun. In this brief state, he is unable to be harmed but also cannot harm foes. Using the spacebar causes you to raise and lower yourself like Kraken, but lasts much shorter.


1- Miasma
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Pestilence releases a toxic mist through vents near his spine, causing him to be enveloped in an aura of poison. Foes near him are harmed by DOT, and also blinded. Miasma dissipates if Pestilence activates his traversal. Think of it as a mobile supernova, but instead of increasing the monster’s damage it deals DOT and blindness over time.

2- Acidic Bile
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Pestilence sprays a noxious acid through his skeletal jaws at a set location, causing a puddle that slows and deals damage when entities touch it, much like Lava Bomb. The bile also drips through platforms, creating smaller puddles that deal less damage. It can also be applied to a roof.

3- Contagion
Cooldown: 16 Seconds
Pestilence releases a horrid disease onto a single target, dealing heavy DOT the more they move. The disease passes to nearby entities, dealing each one less damage the further they are infected. Infection lasts 6 seconds per target. Think of Acrid’s ultimate from Risk of Rain.

4- Soul Raise
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Pestilence brings his brothers back from the grave, summoning a pair of Goliath minions that slowly loose health over time. The cooldown will not start until both minions are dead.


So I like @Titangilas’s idea over all. I think it’s kinda OP, but that’s okay cause it’ll get fixed eventually. I don’t care for the traversal and I’m not sure it would work, but other than that it’s a cool idea. :smile:

I decided to come up with my own idea as well. Let me know what you guys think!
Name: Gorm (that’s a nickname we would all call it. it’s real name is Gormalli Flea-Knuckle)
Element: Rage
Ability 1: ???
Ability 2: Laser Eyes! (see more detailed pic 2)
Ability 3: Heavy Stomp!
Ability 4: Swat The Puny Hunters!

I added some more details in as I thought more about the concept and really fleshed it out.

So let me know what you think! I’m pretty sure this one’s a winner guys. I won’t be surprised if we see them scrap what they’re doing to work on this one hardcore. :wink:


Name: Still thinking
It would by a multi legged spider-like creature.the body would not change in size until it evolves to stage three.
legs would also increase in size to make it seem taller.Might have a stinger on the back, i’m not sure.

Traversal ability:two options either it gets one use and flings a web/jumps a huge distance(a little farther than using all of Sunny’s booster) or it do what baby spiders do and jump while using a parachute web to fly.

Ability 1:Abduction-like target where the creature has to line up fist once to shoot a web at a hunter and a second time to hang them from a surface nearby, or if their isn’t a ceiling just fling into the air for extra damage or it just traps them on the ground.a trapped victim would not be able to move unless shot by teammates they will take extra sneak pounce damage.

Ability 2:Snatch, the monster impales a hunter, doing large damage, keeps the hunter pinned on the leg until it is shot enough. Impaled hunter can use weapons, but if the impale did enough damage to incap the hunter than they can only use the pistol.(snatch hunters take continuous damage and can free themselves)

Ability 3:web/poison mine either lays a web mine that acts like a plant but does less damage or a poison mine that only slows the hunter but does extra damage.

Ability 4: Web/acid spit Web spit would slow and limit hunters vision while acid would do mediocre damage.

Health: no lower than wraith but no higher than kraken
armor:between kraken and goliath
speed: same or faster than goliath
Sneaking speed:same as wraith or faster
Sneak pounce same or more damage than behemoth and sneak pounce automatically poisons hunters same effect as venom hounds.

feel free to ask questions or give advice.(I hope I didn’t forget anything)