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Another monster idea can be merged with other like posts?


I’d like to see a snake like monster that gets longer and bigger with evolution, it’s abilities would be to spit acid, travel underground undetectable for a few seconds…like 10?, use its tail as a hammer or something and lastly to grab a hunter and coil it till it does. Also when it feeds after killing something, it swallows prey whole allowing for further movement and the prey is digested over next few seconds , however like prey is being digested, snakes speed would be slowed by 15%


I scrolled through but didn’t see any


Snake won’t happen unfortunately…
TRS has issues with getting movement right


The wraith seems snake like to me so maybe we don’t need a proper snake but I am surprised to hear they have difficulty with that as the wraith slithers along with her limbs tied together.


If not snake some kid of lizard



Hi everyone. I’m moving this discussion to the Central Monster Idea thread, here: Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


she hovers though
the problem was with moving on the ground.


Maybe like lots of tiny legs giving the slither look? After all they say snakes used to have legs :stuck_out_tongue:


Also curious, is there a page for hunter suggestions?


Posted in wrong area so making change to that.

Anyways lots of great suggestions by the community. Keep it up everyone.


I would love to see a monster that has different forms for its abilities. So like the monster can shift between (just an example) an air/ bird-like creature, a sea based fish, and a land creature. Then it’s fourth ability would change based on which form it’s in. So something like an air blast for the bird a typhoon attack for the fish and a rock through for the land.


First post. Know this should be in another thread but can’t find it. Wanted to hear thoughts on what I thought would be a cool addition to the monster stable. Mainly focussed on what would be good gameplay mechanics so here goes:
Name: nightmare
Health: kraken
Concept: floating torso esk monster with a black hole companion it uses for a shield and as a transversal.
Transversal: glides using the black hole. Slower than behemoth but less restricted by gravity.
Ability 1: pulls up the black hole into a shield which covers maybe 30% of his circumference. Either left front or right front depending on choice. Shots to shield either do nothing, restore armour, power up next attack or release in a burst. Thoughts?Point being to put people off hammering the shield. Monsters which stand and fight are interesting to play against and a directional resistance to damage would be an interesting addition to gameplay, focusing people to surround the monster. Coupd add a lot of skill.
Ability 2: throws black hole into ground nearby. Heavy damage with a brief lasting effect. Pulls hunters gently towards it. Powerful but monster loses shield when doing it so shouldn’t be spammed.
Ability 3. Fires a beam at a further target. Moderate damage but beam stays in place maybe 5 seconds and damages\pulls hunters towards monster if they cross it.
Ability 4: monster throws 2 orbs one after another. Hunter hit by one orb takes damage and teleports to position of second orb. Disorientating them. Number of different ways this could work.
Well that’s it. Keen to hear comments. Think he would be a lot of fun to play with and against, with more tactical nuances than some of the current stable.

If this is in the wrong thread could someone move it? Much obliged


I have a suggestion for the already existing monsters. After spending some time enjoying the concept art, I found myself realizing that I am rather disappointed in the utter lack of character personalization. As an example, wouldn’t it be kickass to have to have the ability to choose your own set of blades for the Wraith or having the option of giving Goliath a unique back/head ornament.


I would love to see the giant alien from the first “alien vs predator” film.

I would also like to see some kind of cat /alien tiger like monster.


I find it adorable you think they’re actually going to even look at this thread.


Can I just make a suggestion… That like… The monsters… And the people…

They all get along… And they’re like, best friends…

…And then everyone wins.


Okay so new monster idea. A reversed kraken. The monster seems like a kind thorny plant monster. He would have an average bar of armor (5-6) and his hp bar would be also average (5-7).
His skills constit of skills such as.
-Thorn Arena- a fully circular wall of thorny vines that surround the monster and any hunters caught in it. Partially blocking them off from the outside. (Lasts around 10-13 seconds at max level and slowly damages hunters who try to climb/traverse it and only takes around/about half jet pack to get over)

  • Bog Breathe - The monster breathes out this thick cloud of gas/smog that’ll decrease visibility and slowly damage any hunters caught in it or going through it. Making for an easier evade or escape or work as an area denial skill.
  • Vine Wave - the monster slams ground sticking his front limbs into the ground for a brief period of time, raising a wave of spiked vines out of the ground damaging any hunter caught in the fire and sending them flying and/or splitting up the hunters as the wall stays up for around 5-7 seconds and is a little taller then thorn area (best used in a devide and conquer tactic and again damages those who try to climb it)
  • Camoflage (two idea ) - 1. Monster goes invisible for a short duration, allowing him to evade or escape hunters. 2. When using this skill (only lasts around 6-8 seconds) depending on the environment you shape yourself into something related to an environment (tree, rock, ect using this masks your scent from abilities like daisy’s tracking, tracking darts, ect)
  • traversal - this monsters traversal ability involves burrowing underground and digs/moves at a steady pace (traversal bar is just like behemoth, but lasts 3-4 seconds less)
    Alright and those are my Ideas on my new monster idea if you have any thoughts or changes/additions leave a comment. Happy hunting!


hello sir i would like to give you a monster idea for the fifth monster. I was hoping you would like it well the idea is that it would be sort of like a bug that has a bunch of legs and can dig underground for it’s movement and can also have 10 eyes that are red. Finally for its four abilities it can dig underground and pop out and attack,next it can grab a person with its mouth and bring it underground,then it can grab a boulder similar to the Goliath but he can roll them instead of throwing them can use the ability three times,finally it can have a laser coming from the 10 eyes. i hope you use my idea sir and plz reply to me soon