Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


I really want a slime monster.

Something that is big, hulking, a mound of gel and goop. With defined arms/legs of course. Semi-transparent, dripping and oozing. It could spit toxic slime that hit surfaces and slows hunters that come in contact with it, possibly poisoning them. Could make it more of a grappling monster, maybe with extending limbs to reach out and slam hunters, sticking them in place for a short time. Make the creature all about restricting the movement of the hunters, really turn the tables on them.


Great job on this saint it looks really nice. Will this thread be continually updated with new ideas that get posted by any chance?

commando I can’t help but laugh at the face that guy is making every time I look at it. lol

Also xcrimsonlegendx this thread isn’t for posting new monster ideas in. Please read the top of this page and post that in the appropriate place.


This thread is far more convenient than grazing through the old list - The Pack in particular caught my eye.

Also nice to see my own suggestion not totally buried.


As an added note, if anyone alters their suggestion such that it no longer falls into the category it’s in (defined or under-defined), be sure to post here so I can correctly update the thread.


I’ll be updating it every once in a while, at least until I hit the max characters thing again. I’m currently considering going through the thread a second time and collecting information in an excel file (so there’s no limit and I can rate suggestions in a more comparable way), or I can split the suggestions between the first and second post, effectively doubling the number of characters I have to work with.


I’ve moved your suggestion to manticore as asked. All of the ideas are from the thread mentioned, though all of the multiple suggestion links were removed because of character limitations.


Some cool ideas here. I would suggest adding a Pokemon Trainer to the mix. His pokeballs would summon a random AI creature to fight. Sometimes a Kraken, sometimes a strider. (not serious, btw)


Thank you. :smiley:


This is great… I hope TRS blows our mind with the tier 5 hunters/monster… they said behemoth is the biggest monster… but they never said Wraith was the fastest or stealthiest O_0… When we get the real fastest/stealthiest… then this community will know the true definition of grief


This is awesome to see!

I guess my unnecessary amounts of effort sorta paid off in a way. Maybe Gorgon wasn’t the best name to go with, but whatever. It would all ultimately be changeable.


Dude are our minds connected or something? I was literally thinking the exact same thing. And I swear that I came up with this idea before I saw this post, but our ideas are pretty much identical. I guess what they say is true great minds think alike. That being said, I can totally meet your request because Ive already drawn up my idea. But you’ll have to find it in the appropriate thread, I wouldn’t want the mods getting mad and deleting it.


I couldn’t imagine a cooler monster, would be my dream, my main. XD


its up now at the bottom of the main “what type of monster would you like to see thread”


I’d like to see a botanical monster, or a hybrid plant/animal. Lot of vines to swing at the hunters, some carnivorous plant appendages or saplings, ability to send roots through the ground and then up at the hunters. Could also easily camo to the foilage and hide in plain sight.


I have one here! Maintained!


Thanks I already have a medic and support concept build up but I’m looking at what I can take from them into photoshop.


Im with you on the plant imonster, that’s what i imagined when i was writing up my monster idea, i guess others think it was cool too,


@SaintYin thanks for putting my idea on there man out of so many other awesome monster ideas out there


I think i cool idea for the game would be a mode where there are some smaller monsters to choose from where it could be 2 hunters against a monster or even 1 on 1. or you could have 2 monsters vs multiple hunters and i mean 2 player controlled smaller style monsters. or i TRS wanted to really add a mode with interesting outcomes 2 monsters ex. goliath & wraith vs 2 team of hunters bigger maps of course.


I think that there really needs to be a “Saurian” Monster, but it should have like an insectoid carapace, like the Perigrum Forma from E.Y.E Divine, but no arms, and a longer tail (Spooky, Right? Maybe put some eyes in too, one eyeless monster is enough)
Ability 1: Stomp. Stomp is a passive ability, whatever you run into that is smaller than you receives damage.
Ability 2: Stinger. There is a stinger on it’s tail, it uses it to inflict low damage (Some poison damage over time, though) slow the hunter and cause hallucinations. I know that AI abilities are out of the question, so how about that hunter just kind of sees the Monster in certain places where it is not, and the monster is standing still, doing nothing.
Ability 3: Screech. Screech scares all wildlife and can be heard across the map. It does heavy damage to things close range but quickly loses damage the farther away you are.
Ability 4: Burrow. The monster burrows almost entirely underground, only the top of his Carapace is showing. Damage is deceased by a factor of two and speed and speed is increased. The monster cannot do damage unless he taps the ability button again, which sends him flying out of the ground, carrying anything above him with him doing heavy damage.
Traversal: The monster growls lowly and a bunch of veins start pulsing yellow. Speed increased two fold. Really good for escapes paired with burrow.
Feedback? Ideas? Criticism? Salty Tears? Oh yeah, and I thought of a name, “Worm Rex” Or something.


ok i would like to suggest this monster

its the 83rd comment
While third ability is now in debate she is largely done
and i just realized that Harpy is already in the game, so name suggestions are welcom


Another monster idea, spider like, possibly wolf spider? Its abilities would be to lay sticky webs up as a wall or on the ground to block hunters and slow them. Can lay egg sacks that spawn smaller spiders that have a toxic bite, maybe like 10 trapjaw sized spiders per egg, tgird ability is to spray webs to tie up hunters…mayb hang hunters from ceiling? To be rescued by others? Fourth ability, maybe say, idk…toxic bite/spray? It would have a the ability to walk on ceilings and walls but counts as traversal stamina, can jump