Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


Yeah… something like a giantess version of Kerrigan crossed with the ME3 Banshee?

That would be awesome. Also Monstrous Kala should talk… intelligently… and not just howl and growl. :slight_smile:


They need to just bring in the Cyber Demon from Doom that would give the hunters a run for their money.


we need a monster like the mimics in edge of tommorow



A cat like monster looking like a sabre toothed tiger. The
first furred monster! Or if fur is too difficult to animate realistically, then
a leathery skin. I can see the skin possibilities for this monster!

The idea of this monster is high burst rate, very low
health. It works by speed and agility, but if domed can be very nasty for the
monster and must get a hunter down very quickly to survive.

It has much less health than wraith, and very very little
armour! However, it does have higher than normal jump traversal, but only in
combat meaning this monster can pretty
much constantly jump all over the place making hitting it more difficult. Out
of combat the traversals are normal as other monsters so there is no F23 tactics.

Mortars and orbital’s are devastating to it if it doesn’t
leap away. Turrets and mines are lethal too but can be counter acted by its
roar ability. Fights are very fast paced and intense, but no sustainability as
the monster would very quickly perish if it stayed in one place too long!

Sabreon is much smaller than the other monsters (a little
larger than a blitz leopard) about 6 foot at shoulder, moves on all 4’s) and so
much harder to hit, but with absurdly low armour and low health, is vulnerable
under fire. Other aggressive wildlife attack it on sight thinking its easy, but
its high damage can make short work of them. Stage three is about the same size
but creature will have more spikes down its back and more deadly teeth and
claws. Monster is very moveable and can jump sideward’s and backwards as well
as forward.


BITE: It bites and front paw swipes the enemy target for
large amounts of health, resulting in the target bleeding for extra DOT damage.
Main weapon of the cat but must be done close range. If cat is beating on a
hunter with no dodging, shields or healing, they will go down very quickly.


This is an extension of the sneak pounce (which is a separate
ability and still available as normal) but is a little different. Cat Jumps on the enemy from quite a distance
away, pinning the target on the floor. Pounce has a small radius so must be
quite accurate. Hunter is subject to shredding from its sabre tusks. Very high
damage, but cat is stuck in one place while doing it so is vulnerable to major
damage from rest of the team. Shooting the cat can stop the attack after enough
damage has been done, but with its almost no armour, hunters should be able to
cause major damage if it continues too long.

Victim isn’t helpless, they will have their hand gun to
defend themselves, and those that can deploy deployable such as turrets, healing
buoys, mines etc and throw them while in the clutches of the cat. Mines are far
enough away to not explode while hunter is pinned.


The monster grabs a target in its mouth and carries it to a
safe place for 4 seconds. The hunter can use his hand gun on the monster, and
can throw deployables if they have any while been carried. Monster can leap
while carrying (possibly three leaps) which helps get the hunter far away from their
comrades. Followed by a pounce when the cat releases the hunter and the hunter
could be in series trouble.


The monster releases a loud roar, knocking target back and stunning
the nearest creatures or hunters for a couple of seconds. Ability has moderate
damage and can destroy deployables.


I don’t think any of the monsters fall into any of those categories (reptile, mammal, amphibian etc.) but I get what you mean, i too would like either a monster with fur/hair or feathers


They can’t do fur. Too complicated


How so? Maybe not full body fur, but certain patches


I remember hearing that they couldn’t do fur. I think it’s the texture that’s too complicated or something.


Feathers, I don’t know though


I like the monster idea, but I don’t know if it will work

actually Goliath is close to a reptile, and I don’t know why but behemoth resembles one of those sea things that hide in a shell for protection (I don’t know the name, sorry)


This sounds like a normal-type Eeveelution.


Yeah, they all look to fit into them, Goliath and Wraith could be reptiles and Kraken an amphibian, but I don’t think they’er supposed to, like they’re their own unique class


Ok, I already love it.


Goliath was supposedly being created with a lions mane but it wasn’t turning out good enough visually for their liking so that is why he has spikes instead.


I always thought Goliath was the beast type.


U mean a hermit crab


annnnd we have a winner


Wraith adaptation as prize?


no, a big hug


@SledgePainter @ToiletWraith @DarKastlez we already have a monster idea thread