Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


This thread is not for suggesting or discussing linked monster suggestions. This thread is designed to collect monster suggestions found in the “What type of Monster would you like to see?” Thread, found here. The idea is to make it easier to get a public opinion on monster suggestions by not expecting people to sift through 900+ replies, very few of which are monster suggestions.

Any response that is not about the creation or further development of a monster idea (even if it’s mentioned within this post) is allowed.

-As a reminder, the only legal thread to post new monster suggestions or develop existing monster suggestions is in this thread. Posting them here (instead of in the linked thread) will result in the post being flagged.
-Bolded names are suggestions that were made by individuals with colored names. They’re important for some reason.

Here is the list so far:

Defined (4 skills):

Under-defined (Picture, basic overview, <4 skills):







No category:

Monster ideas “officially” off the table:

  • Snake/Snake-tailed (Resource-intensive, citation needed)
  • Water-dependent (maps will remain mostly land, citation needed)
  • Robots (Entire idea is that they’re organic, citation needed)
  • Monsters that shapeshift into what they eat (Source)
  • Minion-dependent monsters (Too dependent on AI, Source)

Welp, that’s that. Time for a small FAQ:

1) Why did you do this?

A: Because I’ve lost control of my life.

2) What does this show?

A: It gives the community a more solid understanding of what monster ideas have been brought forward, and makes comparable ideas easier to compare/contrast. In the long term, I’d like to archive all of the above cursory suggestions and collect something more finalized by the community as a whole.

Also, please stop suggesting spiders. You know who you are.

3) I have an idea to make this thread work better. How do I go about telling you?

A: By replying to this thread. The order I’ve set up is mostly just a way to segregate ideas based on development of the monster idea, and I’m sure there’s something I can do better to get “the best” into a clearer spotlight than currently.

4) My cluster of suggestions isn’t here!

A: Yep. This post had 3000 too many characters, so I had to cull some of the suggestions. Blame the forums.

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Reserved for later.


You do know, my suggestion was also a snake :stuck_out_tongue: ?


This is one amazing compilation sir, and thank you for going through the major thread to pick these out and link them. I’m going to pin this and add it to the Hub, and hope you continue to update the listing!



Awesome!! Nice dude!!


I am ALL for this one!


No no you’re suppose to suggest a spider. :stuck_out_tongue:


Spiders are boooooring, im just a tad bit angry my ‘‘snake’’ was depicted as a frog :confused:


I guess you could say it made you hopping mad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk, i got a slight disapointment burst when i saw that.

Think healing field, but disapointment.


Gloom field…add that to the list of new monster abilities! :scream:


My apologies. There were a whole lot of posts I sifted through in rapid succession, and a couple of them I immediately cut off from reading as soon as a relevant creature was named. I saw “frog” when mentioning the skillset, and thus put it as frog.



Yay. I can go back to loving my adorable idea.


Has some made this kind of thread for the hunter? I have a few concepts and arts I’d like to put forward. :slight_smile:


There is a hunter thread here, but it’s unlisted, meaning it’s just about impossible to get feedback for suggestions made there. Alternatively, I am maintaining this more recent thread, which I’m trying to keep active through giving feedback when possible. There aren’t too many pictures in there at this time, but that is not to say they aren’t welcome.


Well done.


Couldn’t help bt laugh that you called mine a hippo/rhino :smiley:.
We could just call it manticore or my some type of charging manticore.
Great job by the way.
So all of these ideas are just from the what type of monster you would like to see thread?


this is amazing sir, im sorry im not playing much evolve because of studies and im graduating so please my friends give me some time


Yay! I made it on this list as well!

Great job BTW!