Central Bucket Balance Thread

Keep it on topic and keep it civil. :slight_smile:

Central thread for discussing Bucket in terms of balance. Or lack thereof. :smiley:

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Dont you guys feel that he would become viable if instead of UAV he would have some kind gun which is similar to Sunny Jetpack booster?

Hm, maybe reloading booster? Or acceleration gun? Or any other useful tool.

He is in dire need of some kind of supporting tool. And UAV is just a waste of slot since maps arent that big, and what is more important - there is our most beloved Carrion birds. Trapper is more than capable of finding monster.

T5 is coming and everyone sucks!



Bucket has been bad since launch and probably will be untill his entire kit gets changed, It just doesn’t work :s

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I don’t think Bucket sucks. He just requires the rest of the team to be on point. While Hank and Sunny make up for bad dodging/ sub par Medic, and Cabot makes up for a sub par Assault. Or alternatively, they make good versions of the aforementioned even better.

Bucket helps a subpar Trapper, with his UAV and being able to essentially block off areas of a fight with the danger of consistent damage.

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Lets hear @Sentry_Gun opinion on this.


Whoa, this thread got all dark and film-grained. Is that…lightning and thunder??


I am so pleased right now!


Well, here I am :smile: I have stated my opinion various times in other old Bucket threads. For me, he is the most fun character, but I can’t deny that he needs some changes, there is a reason why he is never touched in competitive play, the other character are just … safer to use. To be effective with Bucket, you need to put a lot of effort to please your team and to actually make a difference in the battle.

I think Macman knows this and he said a while ago that they were discussing about Bucket and I think yesterday, correct me if I’m wrong, he said he liked the idea of changing the support’s cloak for each character, maybe Bucket will get his cloak buffed, who knows, I just hope TRS keeps discussing about this amazing character :bucket_cute: But yes, I’m open to hear other ideas and I could give mine, but, most of them have already been mentioned, so I’ll just wait for the next patch to see what’s coming, let’s have hope :smile:


YOU CALLED FOR @mortalbound- oh…

…God dammit Sentry!


Trapper dont need that help. And in fact UAV is provides almost zero help/support. Most of the time you cant use because you will be too far from team. If you trying to find a hiding in the bush monster/juking monster it’s much more useful too look by yourself and not the UAV.

Even with buffed cloak UAV still would a waste of a character slot.

Just… What? A subpar Trapper doesn’t need help? Okay. Oh, nevermind the fact that Bucket’s UAV is essentially Abe’s dart gun. Nope, never going to be useful at all.


I for one think the cloak idea would be great!

I also think Bucket needs improving even though he’s a lot of fun, maybe shooting a target gives the turrets extra range making them aim for whatever your targeting for a little extra help against Big K

I have a few other ideas I’m just not very good at putting them into text

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…Reading that made me think of Abe making a new gun that just shoots buckets head with each shot. And BUcket squeals each time in suprise.

That would be amazing and hilarious.

Haha, have you ever played such a match as Cabot?
It’s not fun watching your Medic die because your cloak is on cooldown, all the while you just keep pointing your Amp at the Monster because the Assault is too incompetent to have drained its battery even after 30 seconds.

I said makes up for a subpar Assault, not a terribad Assault. Helps him keep up a regular amount of damage. Hank is the one that complements the Medic, again as I said.

Bucket is a trash support and has always had that title since launch. He needs buffs to his kit to justify picking him over the defensive utility of Hank and Sunny.

This isn’t anything new. People only pick him when they’re bored to death with Hank/Sunny or know the Monster has a low skill level.

Or if they want to have some fun. :wink:

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