Censored Dropshiptalk


Did TRS seriously just censor the Dropship talk between Jack and Val ?
please tell that is a bad joke


There are a lot of conversations and more than one conversation between Jack and Val…Which one are you talking about?


Yeah, which line/conversation are you talking about? I’ve heard the Val+Jack dialogues a lot recently and don’t recall any censoring.


Matthew has stated that he would never censor in game lines. What line in particular are you referring to?


When she teases Jack with the remarks about her Butt just played a couple of rounds for my daily that line is completely gone


So… because a specific line didn’t show up… you thought it got censored?

I’m dying. :joy::joy::joy:


I’m gonna laugh back right at you when you realize it yourself m8


it played today for me… i don’t think it’s gone at all.


Not all lines play all the time. It’s just luck of getting it.


When I realize what? :joy:


Just played a game to try out my new 1337 skin and i got it


There are multiple lines for each character, and there is some logic that the game goes through which means the chances of you hearing the line you’re looking for isn’t all that likely. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


As Nia said, every character has their own conversations. Jack and Val I think only have two, but I could be wrong. Whoever you put them in with also has conversations with Jack, Val, and each other, which means that there is a pretty low chance that you’ll get the specific conversation you desire.


Or if you did get the dropship conversation and it didn’t play then something must of not loaded right because that happens to me ALL the time.