Celebration of Evolve remaining a non free to play game as it should


I just come to tell you of a short story regarding Evolve.
Exactly a year ago some guy I know from twitter told me that Evolve would go free to play in one year. I told him it wouldn’t, and to prove him wrong I set an alarm in my calendar to exactly one year, as he had said.

That day has arrived, and Evolve hasn’t been turned into a free to play game. Which to me is a victory, and to him the possibility was seen as a failure.

Well this is a big “I told you” and some sort of personal win, so I come to share this with you. Incidentally, I’m not on talking terms anymore with that guy because he was a bit of a jerk and that kind of person that harasses others. But well, good riddance.

So long live Evolve!


What is wrong with free to play . Why do fans go against it ?

Having (600%+ * current player base) . Some games can make more money by making the game free to play . Their revenues would be on DLC content

Evolve game price is like 1/6 the price of all dlc or less .


What is wrong is that it wouldn’t do anything. It would be more loss money and people wouldn’t just still hate Evolve.
Want to know why? Cause of the bad taste in their mouths. First impressions are everything, and if launch was a first impression, then thousands of people had a bad taste.


Oh c’mon it’ll be 1,000 years till it becomes free to play


The first free weekend . We got a peak of 9,000 . the month before was (1,000) . That’s like 900% more . 9,000 was the highest but that doesn’t show the player’s amount that play in the free weekend .

9,000 was like the highest 24 hr peak on the second month of the release .

How is it not going to do anything . If 9,000 didn’t pay 1/6 value of the game and they got the game for free . There is an opportunity 9,000 may pay 5/6 value which is about dlc content

Moba free games to play have an insane player base (1M) they get money from dlc . They make billions of dollars . If they put a price on the game they wouldn’t have this player base . Not even quarter of it . They will lose their revenues


Free to play or not, the publishers and through them trs, will do the right thing for the game if they can see it being financially viable for the future. Remember though that the right thing always starts and ends with money, be it making money or not spending more than they make.

Is free to play right or not as a subjective opinion individually doesn’t come in to it, regardless of how often this subject comes up.


1 weekend. I guarantee if it was free all the time it would get to where it is now quite fast. Only exception is if people like totalbiscut or other similar personalities spoke about it.


You don’t know that . Only expert with 10+ years on the market can answer it

Market research / consumer behavior / price for value / marketing / campaigns / proven concept / strategy / segmentation / target

Financial data . Developers & publisher can know how much they’re making out of Dlc & the game value . If they receive 4 $ out of every 1 $ they make from game value . It’s a bad idea to put a price on the game .


Sadly Totalbiscuit’s review of Evolve when it first came out was fairly praising and spot on but there’s not much that a single correct review can do to all the thousand misinformed reviews.


A free weekend would do nothing in the long term. A lot of people come on to play it but what’s the point if they don’t stay? It’s like trying to fill up a pot with water that has holes in it.

You just canceled out your post.

Don’t compare a game like evolve to a moba, they’re nothing alike.


And you can’t say that it would by that same logic. :stuck_out_tongue:


People hate for a reason .

Ask them what is it that you don’t like ? What do you want to see ?

Don’t take the criticism personally . When the game came out . I hate it for the issues it had

I would be enjoying 1 match out of 7 . Disconnection / CTD / dashboard / buggs / following the monster all day long / it was too much a person can handle (frustration)


And there goes back to my initial argument, first impressions.
Evolve is known as a bad game to mainstream and/or to people who don’t play the game. It’s known as the game with a lot of DLC. A move to free won’t help.


Except I will compare it .

Think outside the box .

It’s about money made . It’s about the value . It’s not about the genre of the game

After 3-5 years . Maybe because of the life cycle of a game . What it will do is make the game survive for longer period of time .

The game has like 80 players in some hours . They are going down every single day

Developers & publisher main goal is to make a profit / long term goal . Co-founder of TRS said the game will be for more than three years as a respond to a question

Which indicate Evolve 2 will not be made less than 3 year range .


I believe they were hoping for more a playerbase before stating that. Now it’s looking like they will move on to a new IP while still supporting Evolve, but not as much (no more tiers essentially, just balance and then eventually move on to new IP entirely)


Because I believed in something . You call me a hypocrite ??


I would post the vid clip but I think FilthyFrank is too dirty for these here forums.


It may not be free to play, but a player base of about 300 people isn’t really a thing to brag about either.


No pun intended?


Not intended, completely an accident xD

didn’t even notice xP