CC too weak against Kraken?

I made a thread awhile ago about how to control Kraken’s air mobility and how to ground him because I was honestly frustrated with how weak I found the CC was against him despite actively trying to hinder his movement.

The answers I got never solved the problem and accepted the fact that CC has limited effectiveness and never really answered my concerns: How do you Control Kraken's Air Mobility + Grounding him?

So is CC in it’s current state too underpowered against Kraken? His air mobility gives him so many advantages but not a lot of weaknesses and the counterplay that’s in place is too weak.

Harpoons in general get destroyed instanatly when he’s spamming lightning balls or abilites and must rely on hitting him in the back to even stop him for a short period and they don’t bring him down that well.

Stasis got nerfed hard because it use to slow his air speed and grounded him a a lot quicker, the stasis at the time was slightly OP, but it got over nerfed to the point it doesn’t pose much of a threat.

Tranqs also slowed his air speed but got removed as well. While it does slow his ground speed; most fights don’t really have him on the ground so tranqs pretty much only highlight him.

Even if I do managed to get him near the ground he’ll just maintain altitude with how combat stamina works. Trapper feel like a secondary damage dealer in Kraken fights than a crowd control specialist.


In a fight, Trapper shouldn’t even bother with CC that much. Maggie’s traps, if set up well, can be an annoyance. A Griffin poon right after an AS is also an annoyance. Abe and Crow’s stasis is also an annoyance. It’s not a hinderance though. Doesn’t change anything. You’re better off just DPSing 90% of the time…

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After this patch I find CC is MUCH better against kraken on consoles now. I see kraken’s getting pulled down left and right now these days. It’s wonderful.


I just come from a game where there was an Abe and I plummeted to the ground like a rock, it’s pretty solid now IMHO. Same with tranquilizer darts.

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I feel that trappers should never be able to make the Kraken drop to the ground, or if they do it should be based on the Kraken making mistakes. I feel that if applied constant CC the Kraken should be allowed to stay in mid air if using upward traversals. This is coming from a trapper main .-.

The Trapper’s primarily function is to debuff the Monster’s movement.

It is much needed against the Kraken. And functions like…it originally did.

What I’m describing is what the trapper currently does against a Kraken who uses his traversals defensively. I like the current interaction as it makes the Kraken play smart, but it doesn’t make me feel overpowered.

A Kraken can be wasting their upward traversals. A good Trapper is just making sure they burn out faster than the combat damage increases it.

Dunno, I’m a Kraken main and I see your point but I also can understand people complaining when they can’t ground him. It’s a delicate subject. I don’t think CC as it is right now is too impairing. If anything, makes the trapper a more valuable target instead of being an easy optional target like he usually is.

But it’s the whole reason why Kraken is so popular, the counterplay against his is so weak. Trappers should be able to ground or slow the air speed of the Kraken when played skillfully, but right now the only thing you can do is stop him for a very short period with harpoons or hope he’ll drop with tranqs or stasis.

Against competent Krakens they can pretty much dictate where they want to move.

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Isn’t that what their primary job is? I can’t tell if you’re for or against the subject.

I used to main Kraken, and I still play him from time to time. My current main is Abe, and I feel that his interaction with Kraken is perfect. I can see the effect it has on bad monsters, and I respect monsters that respect the CC. If I play Abe perfectly or near perfectly at his current level the Kraken will eventually not be able to keep up with the CC, and will fall to the ground a little under the time of a full dome. With how long stasis grenades last, and how easy it is to deal damage at a distance with Abe I see no reason why this interaction should further benefit him.

@Slewey Against a competent trapper they’ll know where you are headed before you do it. Like I said to @fdruid if you use all of the tools in your kit you can make the Kraken at a state of near death (grounding him).

CC is too weak against Kraken, which is why when fighting one, for the most part, you should just focus on DPS’ing. Maggie should be placing traps, yes, and Griffin should be looking for the ideal poon shots- though there are very few- and Abe/Crow should be periodically tossing out a slow, but you shouldn’t be doing it as much as would against any other foe. Which just feels wrong. You’re like a mini assault.

In fact DTR, a pro team which has one of the devs on it, takes Abe just for his high damage shottie. They don’t even bother with his CC.

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If you aren’t using Abe’s CC you’re letting Kraken use his traversals to chase without any punishment. While I can see high level pro teams getting away with this it just seems sloppy to not trade a clip or two of damage for the removal of traversal pressure.

I thought the Kraken CC fix was pushed to console by now?

It definitely works on PC. Harpoons Kraken to the ground quick. Stasis has the same effect, though its a little easier to avoid.

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I’m the complete opposite.

I played against a bad Kraken as Griffin. I harpooned him in the back and moved backwards to bring him down and it took like like 4-5 seconds before I started to see him move down and even then he was going down slow. Stasis isn’t any different.

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This. Poons do very little against him.

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uh what? No it won’t the kraken unless it mismanages it’s traversals will never be on the ground unless they get hit by 5 of maggies harpoons while using an ability.

I’ve played against and as krakens with every trapper. Griffin is only irritating if you use after shock maggie’s harpoons do nothing because I’m floating above them and stasis does nothing to affect my movement in combat.

@MidnightRoses harpoons are only useful against AS krakens.

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Poons are meant to stop him from using heavy hitting abilities. It’s hard to stick on targets while pooned, and it’s almost impossible to land aftershock. If you’ve played Kraken quite a bit after the patch to abilities not keeping him up you’d know that stasis brings you down relatively quickly if you don’t manage your stamina.

@IWannaBeATiger Kraken can’t perma deal with stasis he’ll eventually drop from the sky…

Even then, limited use.