CBS' Supergirl pilot episode leaked, alright who's the damn mole?


I blame Sunny.

In other news, the love of my life :balloon:‪#‎rednoseday‬


Show won’t make it past season one


DC hasn’t failed with their other TV shows so far… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It probably won’t make it pass the pilot, leaks have a notorious streak of getting eaten alive and then flushed down the toilet because of critical response.



The wraith of the reverse pimp hand?
Or the WRATH of the reverse pimp hand?


Its an evolve pun. Imagine if the wraith had such power.


O…oh lord…
Hell naw!


I wanna do it to Sunny and Torvald so bad.


Heh… Reminds me of this one time… Drunken rambling!
We had a Torvald and Sunny on the team who were whining their asses off because the goliath we faced had a tiger skin
“Oh, look at me, I’m a goliath with the tiger skin. I have money, huhhhh”
“Uh… You’re playing tier 4s which you paid for, and you’re complaining that he has a skin?”
“Yeah well you can spend your money on better things than skins, like women”
…okay… they gotta be trollin’ me right…
No, they were deathly serious.


I think each hunter class costs more than a whole monster skin pack. WTH?


They wouldn’t stop whining all game, I actually got so mad I felt sorry for the Goliath and tried to throw the game
I was trapper
Still won, because those two were relentless.
Their attitudes pissed me off…


You shouldve 1V1ed them


No thanks, I don’t have time for scumbags like them


Cause DC has always made the best TV and Movies lol


TV shows? I can agree
Movies? Um. That’s…look, we’re trying to have a nice forum here. We don’t need a DC vs Marvel war. Okay?


cough Superman movies cough


The war between the two is pointless regardless, its all a matter of opinion and all opinions carry the same weight, I don’t who likes what; but it seems human nature is all about proving one better than the other, yet no one ever benefits from it.


The Man of Steel wasn’t that bad… except for the part that Superman…


Man of steel was ok, but the ones before…lawdy