Caves, best place to fight with brohemoth


Have anyone noticed how insanely good( maybe op) Behemoth is in caves? Like, If I get to stage two in a map like aviary( tunnels) or any other map that has caves, he becomes imposible to beat, even premades can’t handle fighting him in a cave, almost 90% of his attacks land and he can easily trap someone with rock wall, so trappers, a word of advice, don’t fight Behemoth in caves. What do you guys think of this strategy, is it op? Annoying?


If hunters follow you into a cave, they done son


Why would a premade team follow behemoth into a cave?


Because since they are premade they think they can defeat him, also, you can just take them by surprise and force the fight in there, like trapping someone with rock wall.


What premades are you playing against :scream:


Idk, I guess bad ones? Lol, point is, Behemoth is a god in caves


Yes he is.


Hunters shouldn’t follow any monster into a cave it never ends well.


well . . . if the monster just stays in the cave either the premades are going to stand out side of the cave . . . watching him for like 20 minutes or they go in and fight him . . . which is more likely?


Trs can you nerf caves pls? Too much OP. Thanks!!


What a tactic…

Monster is feeding in a cave…

Hunters: wait !! Dont go there… Better let him evolve to da stage 3 instead of fighting stage 1 in da cave! Dont go there guys, let him eat… Its a big OP cave…


Why would any reasonable hunter follow a behemoth into a cave?

I don’t understand why pubs would even do it.


I go in because my random teammates go in and if I don’t follow I’ll just die later once they’ve all been downed :frowning:


Maybe I should have said hunters should whenever possible avoid fighting in a cave and never dome in a cave unless the monster is terrible or has almost no health because Cave fights favour monsters.


This is one of the weirdest games I’ve coached with Hunters having this mentality. Check it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Proof on how teams fear almighty Behemoth in caves.


I was really surprised it ended the way it did tbh :stuck_out_tongue:


What was he doing staying so low, you can’t be below Torvald, thats a death wish >~<


Not sure. It was a wonky fight :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, I’m proud to say that Behemoth (The one playing is named Behemoth) is getting better and was doing pretty good during the Foundry and Mines the other day.


I can’t master mines with Behemoth, my route planning sucks ;p