Cave goliath


Hi, I’m an artist and would just like to share a piece of Fan art.

I thought it be cool if there is a cave dwelling version of the Goliath. It would have no eyes and longer spikes and claws, and in game wise, maybe it would trade off damage and health for faster attacks and longer reach with its melee.

Here’s a Link to the artwork just in case if the tinypic picture doesn’t show up properly:


This is beautiful. I’m easily impressed… But what can I say? This design is fantastic and personally intriguing (I especially like that it has no eyes).

I also fancy the idea. It’d be an interesting adaption to be sure. Maybe a skin…?


Hoooly shit, this is awesome! Not sure if the vague insect look was intentional, but it’s awesome!

@Shaners, come see!


Thank you :). Yes it be awesome if they can just do a pale blind version of the Goliath and maybe make it look like the Locusts from Gears of War.


Thank you! :slight_smile: The antenna’s were there because I found that a lot of animals that live in the cave are insects with very long antennae so I thought maybe it would be good to have those in dark places.


I’d agree! They’d be a great addition for navigation.

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Oh lord, that’s amazing! Very well made, and an interesting concept done right!

Kudos to you sir!

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No offense intended but…
Insect Goliath confirmed


That’s astonishing, it’s so rare to see fan arts that good from the universe of Evolve. No wonder why the community is so amazing in this forum.

I’d love to see more from everyone in the forum…but we’re a very tiny community, and arts like that are like treasures for us.


Oh my god I love your art style. This guy looks awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!


I love it so much the feelers on the top remind me of Gore Magala from MH he also have a really creepy vibe going on with the long claws, the spiny tail, and the three toed (Or two toed) feet. If I am being honest right now if TRS was still working on evolve they would absolutely need to hire you as a concept artist as this is amazing. Ahem Thanks for sharing this I hope you stick around I would love to see more artwork by you!


Falmer Goliath. I love it.

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whistles Well, Goddamn this is impressive. I’m jelly. XD

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I think it looks great. My only complaint is the claws. I would personally like them either shorter or thicker.

Long and skinny just reminds me of every time I pulled a nail backwards lol


Dang Gina! You should get a job as a character artist, this is amazing!

Do you mind if I download this just so I can look at it forever?


It’s impressive and an amazing adaptation idea, but wouldn’t it be better if the tail was a little bigger?
Just sayin’ , you know :wink:


I already love Goliath as he is now…but holy shit I’d screw him over for this!

He looks much more like an Assassin type character…but if their were such thing as a Warrior Assassin this is what Cave Goli reminds me of


This is amazing. You are amazing. Everything about this is amazing. Did I mention it’s amazing? Because it’s amazing. Please tell me you’re going to do more.


In my opinion the legs and trail need a bit more beef. The tail needs to either be thinner or beefier. And the legs need to show more muscle.


He’s beautiful, I love him.